Chunky Black Shoes For Five Pound

Hidden Fashion  bargain black chunky shoes for £5.
I couldn’t get more straight to the point with that title if I tried. Hidden Fashion seem to have resolved their teething problems regarding the whole pricing/free delivery/weird additional delivery charges and have decided to calculate postage costs based on weight – hurrah! This unfortunately means that I’ve had to have a splurge over on the site to celebrate their new postage system (whoops) and found ALL THESE SHOES for £5 a go! YES. FIVE, ENGLISH, POUNDS. At first, I thought the postage would end up being ridiculous, as it calculates the final cost after you’ve popped your billing address in. But don’t worry, you aren’t committed to the purchase until you get to the payment screen. I ended up bagging three pairs from the above selection of shoes for £5 each and the postage ended up costing £7.99. Altogether my little Paypal account was stung for the mere price of £22.99 for all three pairs!
Considering I paid around £15 for a pair of strappy black sandals with a chunky sole back in summer, I’m not going to lose any sleep over the guilt of buying three pairs of shoes unnecessarily. The sandals I did have were so comfy and I wore them loads – until they broke! All these shoes are perfect for Autumn and Winter if you wear them with the right socks or tights, so grab them whilst they’re still in stock here! Mine are yet to be delivered, but after the last pair of boots I bought from Hidden Fashion being such good quality, I’ve no doubt that these will be brilliant too.