Current Hair Care

A blog post which does exactly what it says in the title – tells you all about my current hair care routine. These products aren’t my favourites, ever. I mean not a lot of shampoo and conditioner can rival the Macadamia Oil range. But this selection has been a consistently grabbed for when washing my locks over the past few weeks. Having a mixture of hair extensions and my own hair in, all the time, I have to be quite careful of using products which are too heavy, but at the same time I need to maintain a good amount of hydration to stop it all becoming a tangled mess. My hair is red dip dye, bleached and overall kind of damaged, but it’s getting much healthier by looking after it properly nowadays! I literally blow dry it and then tie it up in to a bun at night to keep heat tools on it to a minimal. 
L’oreal Elvive shampoo and conditioners are always a range I neglect when in the supermarket. Unless they’re on a really good offer I’m never inclined to buy them, or even look at them half the time. They’re also products which always surprise me with how good they are though! I usually go for the ones in the pink bottle, when they’re on half price or less, but this time I noticed the Extraordinary Oil ones, which are new within the range. Being too tight to buy the *actual* L’oreal Extraordinary Oil, this seemed like a pretty good compromise and I got both for under £3 in Superdrug a few weeks ago.  Once again the range has surprised me and I cannot fault the shampoo or conditioner at all! Even the shampoo leaves my hair feeling silky soft when used alone, but I always finish with the conditioner as it moisturises so well and doesn’t leave a sticky or heavy feeling on any of my hair.
When towel dried, I’ve been resorting back to an old favourite which is the Wella Luxe Oil. This stuff smells amazing. Like sweets or something, but is also incredibly lightweight. It’s branded as a re constructive elixer, rather than a hair oil and it makes it really easy to comb through the knots in wet hair. I then spritz on Umberto Giannini Mend My Hair Protein Spray, finishing with a spritz of Got2be spray mousse at the roots. The Got2Be mousse was another unexpected triumph in my hair care routine, as I’d not even thought of using a mousse since the mid 90’s. Alas, this one smells like raspberries and adds volume and hold once again without weighing hair down. I’ve always avoided using too much product in my hair, as I hate the feeling or anything in it. But all of these products, even combined, still leave my hair feeling light and fresh even days after I’ve washed it.