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Select Black Waterfall fur lined jacket on Hello Terri Lowe Fashion blog.
Black Waterfall Fur Jacket // £29.99 // Select 

This weekend I was kindly invited along to Freeport in Talke to take part in their #FallFashionChallenge! Although this isn't the full blog post to talk about that wonderful day, I just couldn't wait to share my brand new jacket from Select. Select is one of those high street shops which often goes forgotten about - but seriously, some of their new Autumn/Winter range is the bombdiggedy. Not only that, but a range of their labels boast a 'Made in Britain' tag (which I always find appealing) alongside super affordable prices. 

Fur Coats seems to be everywhere at the moment and although I do own one, I never seem to wear it. The reason for this is mainly because I think it makes me look about 12 sizes bigger than I actually am! Not only that but I find them really awkward to wear, and because they're so thick and luxurious, even simple tasks like putting your bag on your shoulder is a pain. They're just effort usually. This is where this fur lined number from Select comes in. 

It's a style of jacket I would usually steer away from, but as soon as I saw it I fell in love. The white fluffy material lines the entire inside, even through the arms. This pleases me endlessly, as the amount of jackets I've seen in this style where only the cuffs and collar are fur, boarders on annoying. Because the jacket is so well lined it means you can ditch the cardigan and just wear it straight over a dress. Another box ticked! The outside of the jacket is a soft suede like material, but obviously not real suede for for bargain price tag of £29.99. My only regret is that I didn't spot the longline faux leather biker jacket, as featured below, as I'm desperate to get my mitts on it now I've found it on the website!

Select Black Waterfall fur lined jacket on Hello Terri Lowe Fashion blog.
Select Black Waterfall fur lined jacket on Hello Terri Lowe Fashion blog.

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