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gift guide christmas 2014: coffee lovers addition.

Everyone loves coffee and if you don't love coffee you know someone who loves coffee, and if you don't know anyone who loves coffee you're just a bit weird aren't you? I have a fine selection of coffee's, coffee making devices and coffee drinking vessels in my kitchen. From my Dolce Gusto machine (yeah, I'm going to name drop that until they recognise my efforts and make me part of their #dolcegustoblogger campaign) to my classic cafetiere which was bought for me last year, I like coffee in any form.  Here's 3 little Christmas gifts perfect for yourself or your best caffeine fuelled friend to enjoy this festive period (tehehehe, I said period). 

Grumpy Mule 'Grumpy Yule' Organic Coffee - Ah, one for the cafetiere (or French Press, as some people like to call it), this festive coffee is a rich, slightly spiced, fragrant little number is perfect to kick start your day when the cold sets in. I've been drinking this little beauty for the past week or so, and can confirm that even on these warmer mornings it's still just as perfect. A slightly darker blend than what I'm used to, I do add a little more milk than usual to suit my own tastes. It would make a lovely addition to a little hamper of coffee filled goodness for your best coffee loving friend.

Monin Gingerbread Syrup - I picked this up from my local Makro, you know, the place which is meant to be dead cheap but then even when you begrudgingly pick up something you're sure it cheaper elsewhere they then add VAT on at the till? Anyway, they appear to stock the entire range of Monin syrups, which you will have seen more commonly in your local Costa. As Costa only sell their Gingerbread latte during the Christmas season, your best coffee bud is going to appreciate getting a whole 1 litre bottle to tide them through until the summer. You can pick this up on Amazon (here) if you don't have a local Makro, but I'm sure I only paid around £6.99 for it, not the £10 price tag it's boasting over there. 

Coffee Makes Me Poop Mug - One of my favourite mugs in my extensive collection, it's also very large so perfect for binge drinking cup a soups (it takes about 3 sachets to get the full soupy flavour FYI). I got this from Urban Outfitters a while ago so it's not currently online to buy from there. BUT, by the power of eBay you can find a range of them here. I think even if coffee didn't make you poop usually, then drinking it in this generous cup would definitely have some kind of detrimental effect on the mind and body, so I do usually only half fill it if I'm having a caffeine kick! But alas, a great gift that even your gran can enjoy... If your gran's a bit weird, like mine. 

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  1. I'm alll over that mug. Love it!! also, most supermarkets do monin syrups now too, albeit smaller bottles :)

    1. Ah yeah I have seen it in small bottles in Sainsburys but it's about 6/7quid in mine!

  2. Oh, I've not tried this Grumpy Mule coffee. I'm a bit of a coffee fan, and like to buy beans so they're extra fresh.

    1. I've never tried beans. I would need a grinder to go with them wouldn't I? A whole new coffee world!


Thanks for the comment!

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