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gift guide christmas 2014 man things

Am I allowed to say 'MAN' things in this world of sexual equality? I know I for one, would actually quite like those HOT gummy bears and would find it hard to give them away to anyone - never mind a stinking boy. But anyway, here's another Gift Guide getting some inspiration on the table for Christmas 2014. I can't believe how quickly this year has gone! I often find the guys I know can be amongst the most awkward people to buy for. With the ladies it's eaaasssyyy, especially when you're a beauty blogger and are surrounded by ongoing inspiration all day long, but I find it really hard to buy men skincare and bathroom products as they can be quite particular about these things, or not actually bother using them anyway. That's why I always opt for a good watch, as featured in my last gift guide post.

If you're ever struggling to find a gift for the person who has everything, you cannot go wrong with a quick browse on Firebox. Every time I go on that site I have to quickly close the window before I succumb to something cute, weird or gross. I mean, have you seen THESE cat candles? I think the 'Evil Hot Gummi Bears' would be a better present for someone else though, as you could pretend they were just normal ones and repackage them in to a pretty pot and then watch their mouths burn off unexpectedly. If you're a bit mean, but also nice, like me that is. In fact, you could make this men's leather washbag part of a more exciting gift by putting the gummi bears in it alongside other little treats like the Star Wars salt and pepper shakers over from Debenhams. I mean, what more could a man want? Sweets, wash bag and seasoning....? 

Oh right, they might want something smelly too. I was recently sent a gift set from The Bluebeards Revenge to get my feminine nostrils around. Not only do they a load of skincare, shaving and bathroom supplies for the gentleman in your life, but they also do a great value for money gift sets which you can see online here. The scent of the Bluebeards Revenge Eau de Toilette is a slightly musk, sandalwood and vanilla kind of vibe, which I'm sure any bloke would like. It's kind of a generic smell but for all the right reasons. I'm not talking Lynx here, more of a scent which most men would enjoy which is complimented by the shower gel it comes with. Not only that but you can't beat a good skull and crossbones for that ironically edgy vibe. 

Browse Firebox, take a gander at Debenhams Mens Leather items, or buy Bluebeards Revenge. There's loads of gifting inspiration around the blogsophere at the moment to get some ideas from!

*In case you didn't guess, this post contains collaborative content.

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  1. I want the Star Wars salt & pepper shakers and I think myself and the other half would fight over who gets them :D


Thanks for the comment!

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