Turkey and Stuffing Flavour… Doughnuts?

Tesco Turkey and stuffing weirdoughs on uk food blog

Ah, back to my roots as a blogger here and channelling the original vibe of 3 years ago when I first started! For those who don’t know, the original idea of my blog way-back-when was to do food reviews, as I always love to try weird and wonderful culinary delights. You have to try everything twice you see; the first time to sample it and the second time to cement your taste buds decision. Limited edition festive food is one of my favourite things in life. I cannot help but buy everything I see which has a quirky or interesting spin on things. And I suppose you can’t get much more of a quirkier  spin than making a regular doughnut a ‘weirdough’. I’ve seen people tweeting and instagrammed Tesco Weirdoughs quite a lot over the past few months, and to be honest the existing salt and vinegar or cheese and onion options just didn’t appeal to me as they just didn’t come across as interesting enough! Then Turkey and Stuffing Weirdoughs from Tesco caught my eye. 
When I picked them up I did think they were going to be vile, mainly because it was the same evening when I tried a doughnut burger from my local Flaming Grill pub. A quick review of the doughnut burger is; sticky, not meaty enough and lacked a certain je ne sais quoi…I had hyped it up for a majority of the day in my mind, but the doughnut was difficult to manage as a burger and left your fingers really sticky and soon fell apart after the Flaming Grill’s not-very-meaty burger saturated it. It was overall a little bland and I felt a bit let down by it all (although the sweet potato fries and steak at Flaming Grill pubs are magnifique) . That’s why I headed to Tesco afterwards anyway, so I could curb my hankering for something delicious. I suppose Turkey and Stuffing doughnuts were a risky way to go about that in retrospect.
Anyway, after you get over the initial concept of these usually sweet treats being flavoured with a savoury flavour, they’re actually not that bad. The best way to describe them is like a really fancy bread? They’re not as fluffy as you’d expect a regular doughnut to be, more of a stale texture (but that might be something to do with them being bought at 9pm) and the meaty/herb flavours are quite subtle. They’d actually be quite nice to dip in vegetable soup! For £1 a bag from you local Tesco, they’re worth a try, it’s more the concept and name which is off putting rather than the actual taste and texture. Maybe just get someone else to buy them for you and pop them on a plate, makes the whole experience a bit more classy, like.