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Drop Dead Chocolates review on Hello Terri Lowe UK Food Blog

When it comes to chocolate, I can usually take or leave it. I have to be in the mood to treat myself to it's sweet and lovely tastes and usually opt for crisps when I'm feeling a little peckish. That is, until, a box of chocolates steps in to my life which is so delectable that I simply must treat myself on the hour, every hour, to it's sweet taste. 

I recently won a little RT & Follow competition over on Twitter from the choccy masterminds over at Drop Dead Chocolates - Creators of fine culinary treats for anyone to eats. As soon as their box came through the letterbox I was excited. Not only because it's designed to fit through the letter box so you don't have to wait in for the postman, but also because as soon as I picked it up you could get a faint smell of the chocolates inside before you even opened it. Because the postal box is designed so well it's going to make for a perfect surprise gift for any occasion. It comes plain white too which no clues on it, so the ultimate surprise!

Inside my box there was a variety of carefully crafted chocolates, all made within the UK. I always have a soft spot for anything which hasn't been shipped in from overseas. The first box I opened was of course, the 'macarons' which you can see online here. Each precious little luxury chocolate macaron looked too good to eat... almost. The first one I took a bite of was the winter spice one. I really didn't realise what I was getting in to until that bite, and what was inside was a deliciously rich filling. Washed down with a sip of tea, my next choice was the raspberry ganache. Yum. Because they are so rich and luxurious, you really cannot eat more than two in one sitting. I like that though, as it means the box just lasts even longer.

The second box which I opened was aptly named 'Slice of Nice'. This box contains variety of rectangular shapes chocolates which range from classic flavours such as Pecan Praline to more obscure ones which as Balsamic and the intriguing 'Smoky Joe'. I've not tried any of these yet, but they were too pretty not to include. I'm pretty sure I will keep anyone who is interested updated via tweets and instagram though (wink wink). The prices of Drop Dead Chocolates are probably in the same region of shops such as Thorntons and Marks and Spencers, but you seem to get so much more quality and taste for your money. I find the luxury chocolates you buy from larger companies tend to be overpowering and kind of all taste the same. Whereas these chocolates are a little more special, both in quality and the thought which has gone in to the range of flavours and ingredients. 

Keep an eye out on the Drop Dead Chocolates Twitter here to stay in the loop when it comes to chocolatey new releases; and perhaps they might launch another competition soon too!

Drop Dead Chocolates review on Hello Terri Lowe UK Food Blog
Drop Dead Chocolates review on Hello Terri Lowe UK Food Blog

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