Discovering The UGG

UGG boots from on Hello Terri Lowe blog
When you think of the store ‘Blacks you immediately think of tents, hiking and (for some reason) torches. And I know they’re always one of the first places I look for festival essentials in the summer! But it seems that this outdoor retailer has reinvented themselves lately and begun to get their outdoorsy trend on. There’s nothing I love more than a practical garment which you can wear for either a nice country walk, or to the shops and I think that’s the kind of vibe Blacks are channelling right now in their Winter Look Book.With the Peak District just down the road, and a abundance of fields on my door step, I think most people round here have those walking/hiking essentials in their wardrobe, that they always slip in to their regular outfits for comfort in the winter months. I know I do.
Recently I was sent these UGG boots from Blacks and it wasn’t long before I popped them on my feet and begun appreciating their fluffy comfort. If you have a cat you may be familiar with the feeling of their fluffy little bodies crawling across your feet…. Only to attack you with their spikey little claws. Or is that just Kitty? Anyway, whenever Kitty does grapple on to my feet with her super soft fur I always think that she’s make a pretty good pair of slippers (in a non ‘I’M GONNA SKIN MY CAT AND MAKE SLIPPERS OUT OF HER’ kind of way). I suppose if I ever did have irrational thoughts of skinning a cat (honestly, I never have) then UGG boots are the answer to prevent me ever doing so. The super soft sheepskin lining is so fluffy and feels amazing against your feet. It’s certainly an improvement on any cheap Primark boots I may have been wearing lately.
I took my new Noira UGG Boots for a little stroll around Westport Lake, which seems to be a WORLD OF BIRDS right now. I’ve never seen so many ducks and geese going wild at one time. The Noira boots don’t only have all the classic elements which make UGG boots so special, such as the fluffy lining, superb quality and utmost comfort; they are also made from full grain leather, which makes them waterproof, fit for any autumn walk. I must admit, I’ve never really bought in to the hype of UGG boots in the past, but just like my trusty Fitflop loafers – you have to try them to fall in love with them. And you will not be disappointed. The inside of the boots is so luxuriously soft that you don’t even need to wear socks, which is an absolute blessing for me. I mean, am I the only person in the universe who regularly buys socks and loses every. single. pair within a week? Thank you UGGs for solving this issue for me. 
Browse the entire range of UGG boots stocked at Blacks online here.
UGG boots from on Hello Terri Lowe blog