Is A 79p Deodorant Any Good?

Cien Madame Glamour Deodorant from Lidl.

On my last trip to Lidl to buy ALL the Christmas Gingerbreads (and avoiding that weird new Britney Spears hair care range), I noticed this little golden deodorant of joy staring back at me as I whooshed past the toiletries section. Obviously I knew of the Cien range in Lidl, as I have sung it’s praises many times before. Their price tag and overall quality of products is amazing and I’m still awaiting the day they relaunch the Cien Olive Oil Moisturiser – because that was the best thing I’ve ever used on my face. 
Cien Madame Glamour deodorant is an alcohol free roll on cream formula. I must admit, I’ve never use a classic roll on deodorant before, and I’m still unsure if I appreciate that initial feeling of wetness to be honest. Because the scent of this was echoing the renowned Lidl Suddenly Madame Glamour perfume though, I thought I’d give it a try. For those of you not familiar with the ‘Suddenly Madame Glamour’ perfume from Lidl, then it’s a scent you kind of need in your life, just for the fact it’s £3.99. Every time I wear the perfume people ask me what it is, and it’s dubbed to be a dupe of Channel Coco Mademoiselle. I’m not sure the the deodorant version is a new release or something which has been on the shelves for a while, but when in Rome I’ll give anything a whirl if it catches my eye,
Although the packaging boasts it’s a 48hour antiperspirant, it really isn’t. I find my underarms getting a bit damp after a few hours to be honest. But, as I mentioned in this post I probably have some kind of sweat issue anyway. Sorry about that. However, I really do like to wear this to the gym. When at the gym I don’t like wearing deodorants that are going to prevent me sweating, as I know I’m going to sweat more than I would on a day to day basis. It doesn’t sit right with me to purposely sweat and block my sweat glands, as I’m sure that’s damaging somehow(?).  When I wear the Cien Madame Glamour roll on deodorant, the scent seems to last for a very long time. I don’t come home from the gym smelling of sweat and my top actually smells pretty good a few hours after too! On a daily basis I’m still reaching for the Sure Maximum Protection Deodorant. But this is a great little back up deodorant to throw in your bag for times when you need a delicious smelling top up. The fact it costs only 79p is also a massive brucey bonus.