Nola Vodka Spritz

A few weeks ago when browsing my local Asda, I stumbled upon a fancy new alcoholic drink gleaming from the shelf – Nola Vodka Spritz. It instantly stood out, with it’s classy little label and more than mouthwatering flavours, and with a price tag which is suitable for a few sneaky pre-drinks before going up town. Usually I absolutely despise anything which boasts Vodka on the ingredients list, as I don’t like the taste and my hangovers are often much worth when I succumb to the vodka devil. But after consuming a more than generous amount of Nola on my last night out, it’s safe to say this isn’t your classic Vodka based alcoholic drink.

Available in two flavours: Watermelon and Strawberry and Raspberry and Elderflower, you’re certain to like one or the other. Watermelon and Strawberry is my favourite as it’s a deliciously sweet and refreshing flavour, without being sickly. Elderflower and Raspberry is a slightly more bitter taste, but I still really like it. It’s probably more for those who enjoy their vodka with soda, than with lemonade, if you get what I mean? What’s actually great about both is that neither has that horrid artificial taste which you usually find more affordable alcoholic drinks have. They don’t leave a groggy after taste and would be perfect on a summers day. Or a winters night. Y’know, whenever you want to partaaaayyyyy.

I cracked out the Nola box of joy last Friday when my friends came over, and all that tried it LOVED it. So it’s the perfect party drink too. Even one that the fella’s will drink! Although they may look a little quaint cracking a can open to swig out of. Within the box there was also some lovely meringues, propercorn in mine and Victoria’s favourite flavour and a delicately scented candle. Party in a box – YEAH! Thankfully the low calories of the alcoholic drinks counteracted the ones consumed with the foodie treats.