Winter Bronze

Another week, another release from budget make up brand Make Up Revolution. 
When I first gave bronzers a go I instantly disliked them.  I remember this experience like it was yesterday; my innocent pale cheeks, yearning for a flush of colour combined with a cumbersome square shaped brush and Benefit Hoola. The result was one which was reminiscent of this one time at Leeds Festival when me and my friend thought it was a great idea to rub mud on our faces (something I would not recommend, as I’m pretty sure the ‘mud’ was 98% sewage, yack). I just ended up with really obvious and stupid looking dark brown streaks across my cheeks (on my face cheeks, get your mind out of the gutter you). 
How times have changed. Now I cannot get enough of my sunny bronzing friends. The love affair still continues with Essence Sun Club All In On Bronzer, don’t get me wrong. But since getting the Make Up Revolution Golden Sugar Bronzers I am obsessed with their beautiful golden tones. This week Make Up Revolution did it again with two brand new offerings to get the cheeks of a sun kissed goddess. 
Wonder product one is the Euphoria Palette Bronzer and Eyeshadow set, which you can take a peak at online here. If you’ve tried Make Up Rev products before, you know what to expect with regards to the eyeshadows – a nice quality eye colour selection for a reasonable price, they’re non chalky and last (me) all day without creasing. Granted, some shades are more pigmented than others, but hey it’s 6 quid. The stand out part of this set is that impressive trio of contouring goodness. The brown shade itself is perfect for even a pale skin tone like mine, and the blusher is a delicious peachy golden shimmer (which reminds me of a more wearable version of the Sleek Rose Gold blusher). The highlighter also seems to be more finely ground than other highlighting products I’ve tried from the range, and the ‘glitter’ bits are smaller and more of a shimmer than a glitter, which is a bit of a minor bug bear from ones I’ve tried before. It’s a notable improvement!
Second up, we have All About Bronze. This is perfect for people who liked the look of the Golden Sugar set, but wanted the option of matte finishes too. The Golden Sugar palette is very ‘shimmer’ heavy, but some might be scared of looking a bit like a light bulb when they’re done. All About Bronze contains a lovely range from light to dark to really get your Kimmy K contour ON. With the lightest range being great for a touch of colour, you even have two of the pretty merged powders to play with too. Once again – for £6 a pop you can’t really go wrong, can you?