Band Camp: Part One.

”What are you listening to?”
”Oh, you don’t look like you should listen to Slipknot”

– This is an actual conversation I had with a lad who used to do the same course as me at Uni. He was in to his ‘metal’ so, of course had to dress like he liked metal. This included bandana on his head, leather jacket, baggy jeans, studded belt and anything with skulls on. Not only did he channel his musical tastes in style, he also had to specialise in blacksmithing, because he was so metal and such. Whilst there is absolutely nothing wrong with dressing in certain ways and acting in certain ways to reflect your musical interests, the thing I dislike is when people turn this in to musical snobbery. Like mate, I’ve had shits more metal than you. Just because I don’t wear a band T Shirt or all black, doesn’t mean I can’t listen to ‘alternative’ music.
This year, I want to talk a little bit more about music on my blog. Music is something which I have such an active interest and opinion in, yet rarely actually write anything about. I have such an eclectic music taste. From metal (not just Slipknot, that was just an example of a conversation I once had for a topical introduction to this blog post) to acoustic folk. I would never pigeon hole my musical tastes to one genre. This week I’ve bought 3 albums (yes, actual CD’s) from HMV which were; HAIM/Days Are Gone, Kanye West/My Dark Twisted Fantasy and Rise Against/Siren Song Of The Counterculture. – All perfect car music for my many journeys around the country (read: to and from work). 
Moving forward for the blog and to deter myself from blogging about bloody lipstick, I’ll be doing a lot more posts about bands, gigs and playlists to keep my tiny brain and blog occupied. Obviously this idea is in it’s early stages and is yet to develop in to a plan as such. But considering that last year I went to Leeds Festival, V Festival, Sonsiphere and numerous other events, it’s a shame that I don’t actually log them properly to look back at in a few years and think about what a mint time I had. So if you like music blogs keep your eyes peeled. If you don’t soz ‘ard, I’ll still be writing about all the usual stuff alongside this too, so dunna worry.