Burrito Kitchen, Merryhill

UK food blog review of burrito kitchen in merryhill shopping centre.
I’ll start off by saying this – I really dislike burritos
Well, usually I do. There’s something about them which instantly turns me off. I think it’s the fact that there’s so much rice stuffed in to the ones I’ve had before. I mean, I like the concept, as it’s basically an entire meal within one hand held food product. But ones I’ve had before have just been so stuffed with uninspiring, plain white rice that it’s just all been a bit boring. Not to mention the prices for them always seems crazy?! Once I went to Barburrito and I swear I’m still paying off the small loan I had to take out to purchase my lunch from there that day.
To be fair, the burrito I ate this weekend at Burrito Kitchen in Merryhill wasn’t much cheaper. A ‘meal deal’ which consisted of just a burrito and drink sets you back £5.50. Mistaking the meal deal to be one which included fries or nachos or SOMETHING, I also asked for sweet potato fries with my *meal deal*. Needless to say, I was a little taken back when I went to pay and it cost £7.50 altogether. It transpired that the sweet potato fries were completely separate and cost me an additional £2 on top of this mysterious meal deal, which wasn’t a meal at all, just a burrito and a drink. C’mon, I can’t be the only one which assumed it included a side?! Maybe it’s because the wraps have rice inside, which as I mentioned makes them like a little meal in your hand, but nevertheless, I was a bit disgruntled. For that price I could of gone an actual restaurant and got myself a tasty main course. But never mind. IT’S DONE NOW.
Although the initial heart attack at the till made me die a little inside, especially with it being January and money being a bit tight, I did actually quite enjoy the food. The burrito was pretty huge, like the size of a 6 month old kitten; just a bit too big for me to hold with one hand, but a manageable size. The sweet potato fries were absolutely delicious. Just the right amount of crunch with just the right amount of salt on them to compliment their slightly sweet taste. It was all so filling that I had to leave a handful of fries and also resorted to picking the chicken out of the burrito as I couldn’t manage to eat it all. This fills me with regret considering how much it cost me, but I’m sure I will live. And if I don’t I will die with the fact that this was a very delicious fast food choice, despite the over the top price tag.
UK food blog review of burrito kitchen in merryhill shopping centre.
UK food blog review of burrito kitchen in merryhill shopping centre.