Looking 19 When You’re 29

If you didn’t know my age already, then the fact that I’m 29 will probably surprise you. It’s really weird that I’m an age that I can fully remember my parents being. I would of been around 10 years old when my mum was 29! Unlike my parents – who were (and still are) married, had two kids and a house at my age, I’m currently living solo in a flat with my cat. Most of my life has been done a little bit backwards: I didn’t go to uni until I was 21 and am only just on my way to a *proper* career, after changing my mind a million times along the way. I’ve naturally fallen in to digital marketing, social media and SEO though, so it’s been brilliant that a laid back life has worked out pretty well in the end anyway! 
Since turning 29 in November, it seems a lot of people have been focussed on my age. Every time I mess around in my usual manner I’m getting people now telling me that I’m almost 30…. Well, I was almost 30 before November, so go figure. For me, age is definitely just a number on a piece of paper. There’s no immediate rush to ‘sort my life out’ because well, I’d kind of like to have fun first. I’m never going to force the path of my life, and what will be will be. Obviously I have ambitions and priorities, but for now I am content.
Looking so young when you’re actually kind of old has it’s pros and cons.
One of the major things I’ve noticed is when I go for job interviews and people have read my CV then see my face. Every time they will ask my age and despite having no obligation to answer that question, I always do for the sheer ‘shock’ value. On paper I could be in my mid 30’s, in the face I could be as young as 16. This can have it’s benefits, as companies I’ve worked for always want to have a ‘young’ team, but I do feel that at times it can hold me back slightly within roles as looking so young doesn’t echo an authoritative figure. I don’t think it’s a real issue though, just one I’ve created in my own head. Not only does it surprise people job wise, but when being ID-ed in shops and clubs I’ve been met with a similar response. It can be quite frustrating being the oldest one in your friends group, yet being the only one to get ID-ed! Once in a shop the woman on the checkout did exclaim ”If you’re over 18, I’m retiring today!” to which I handed her my ID and wished her a happy retirement.  
Looking young also throws up some odd situations when out with certain friends too. I have quite a wide variety of separate acquaintances of all ages. The main issue with this is when you go out for lunch with your 40+ friends and people mistake them for your mum or dad! Each time this happens though we always play on it and laugh it off. There’s no point being offended by these things – at the end of the day I do look young and I know it. The only time it frustrates me is when I do tell people my age and they’re like ‘I thought you were 21!’ …. OK, thanks, but uhm… How is that constructive to my life?
I do dress slightly different nowadays, in an attempt to look a little more mature. From ditching peter pan collars and pretty doll style dresses, to having a bit of a revamp to non patterned garments and darker colours. Styles change with age naturally, and I must admit that when I wear trainers I do *feel* younger, as well as looking it. I’m not sure how else I can make myself look older, but as long as it doesn’t bother me too much on a daily basis, I guess that’s all that matters. I still have the complexion of a teenager, alongside the wrinkles of a pensioner under my eyes. 
I’m basically like Benjamin Button but a bit hotter.