Purrfect – The Monthly Box For Cats!

Isn’t she purrrrfeccctttt, isn’t she won-der-fulllll.

It’s been a while since Kitty has had her little paws on my blog. She’s still very much enjoying her fancy Alessi Cat Bowl but isn’t enjoying these chilly nights. Luckily she is very good at cocooning herself within blankets of all forms now though, so it’s not too much bother when my rubbish storage heaters give up on letting out heat in the mid afternoon. She wraps herself up warm in her favourite fleece throw and snoozes for 80% of the day.
Because Kitty is a house cat, I’m sure she gets very bored. Every now and then it’s nice to give her a treat to stop her brain melting from boredom. She’s very hit and miss when it comes to a lot of things and only reacts to certain types of catnip, she doesn’t like biscuits that are a bit too posh, but she does seem to like the most expensive cat food on the shelf at Asda. That’s why the Purrfectbox is pretty good for a fussy pussy such as Kitty. When you sign up you create a personal profile for your little feline friend, which means this monthly subscription box for your cat can be tailored to suit what they like. Because the box is tailored for your cats profile, even if some products are a bit of a miss, you’re sure to find a few hits! 
In this months Purrfect Box kitty got a nice little range of supplies to get her through the parts of her life where she’s actually awake. Including a really good little wooden box with a scratching matt on, that you can also put catnip in, Kitty was very satisfied with her cat swag. Thankfully it was the good catnip which sends her crazy. I say thankfully because after she’s gone mad for am hour she tends to sleep all the way through the night, instead of waking me up at 3am by jumping on my head. There was also two other little cat nip toys which I’m sure will quickly become lost under the sofa. Underneath my furniture does seem like a bit of a small cat toy burial ground, I really hope it doesn’t become haunted with the ghosts of small Ikea rat toys.
I was really pleased to see the Sanicat Pet Wipes. For some reason, whenever I dye my hair Kitty goes WILD and won’t stop trying to nuzzle her nose in on the root dying action. Sometimes she manages to head boosh me and get my hair dye on her face. I’m never sure what to wipe it off with, but by the power of pet wipes this problem is now solved, hurrah! Other contents include some catnip treats she actually likes (I bought some ages ago and all she does is bury them) but she’s actually been meowing very loudly for these things. Kitty crack, yum. 
Some of the boxes have a theme, and for some reason the Purrfect Kitchen themed Box from October had me cracking up. What is even so funny about it? I don’t know, but I’m sure if Kitty could use the internet she’d find it as hilarious as I do. 
I did try and get some better pictures, but Kitty was so excited (as you can see) and natural light was dimming fast, so I shall leave you with some out takes from her little photoshoot below. You can get your paws on the Purrfectbox online here if you know a feline who deserves it.