She Wore Blue (Purple) Velvet

Earlier on today I visited one of my blogging bezzies Tereza, from Cityscape Bliss. As usual, when we have a little day out, we decided to snap some pictures for our blogs before we went, because we’re narcissistic like that. Neither of us are ‘fashion’ bloggers as such, but sometimes it’s quite nice to feature an outfit post, just for the nosey readers out there to spy on our actual FACES. Our day has consisted of pottering around Merryhill shopping centre, which is about half an hour from where Tereza lives. I’ll be honest, the only reason I wanted to go was to visit the Tiger shop there, which was actually a little bit disappointing today I must admit! Regardless of that though, I still managed to spend a fortune on things I don’t need. Including yet another faux leather skirt. Sigh.
I’ve had this purple velvet cold shoulder top for a while now, I think it was a about a fiver from an unbranded shop. It’s not actually even a top, it’s more of a tunic dress which I’ve tucked in to my brand new New Look leather look skinny jeans. I have such a thing for fake leather, although trousers are an area I lack in. I tried these on as a complete fluke and I’m extra pleased to say they fit like a glove (if a glove had two holes and were worn on your legs). I usually avoid trousers and jeans of all kinds due to my pear shape, as it’s really hard to find them which will fit in the right places and not gape in the small of your back. I usually have to size up so they fit over my thighs, but then they’re way too big around the waist. It’s the bane of my life. Due to these being a little more stretchy, the size 10 was the best fit for me. They not only fit reasonably well, but also are super comfortable for every day wear too – despite looking a little wrinkled on the legs in the pictures, this is merely due to poor posture and lack of belt to keep them in place. 
I will also take this opportunity to express my love for the over the knee faux suede boots (you can bag yours here), also from New Look. I have been lusting after these ever since spying them on In The Frow before Christmas. I’m not quite sure why they’re in the wide fit section of the website, as they’re not wide fit at all really. I’d say the foot and leg fitting in pretty average. They’re so easy to wear with so many outfits, and I like the way the suede finish contrasts against the slightly shiny leather trousers, making the whole look a bit softer for every day wear. Wearing leather trousers I kind of feel like an extra from Sons of Anarchy, or like I should be in an American bar in a mid 80’s hair metal music video; so it’s a nice way to feel a bit less awkward when you pop to the shops. Oh, and if you like that snazzy necklace, it’s currently in the sale at Primark for 2 quid. Bazinga. 

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