Tetley Super Green Tea

tetley super green tea

Oh dark, cold nights - when will you be gone from my life?

The other week when I was on my death bed, dying from the flu virus, I managed to get myself together for about 20 minutes and go to Asda. Upon my treacherous journey filled with much snot and woe, I walked past an intriguing aisle which had many seasonal offers on. One of the items on offer was this new Tetley Super Green Tea.

Now me and Green Tea don't have the best relationship in the world. For one, it's bland as sin. Like seriously. It tastes like weak grass usually. Even the flavoured versions are bland. But these new ones from Tetley Tea are actually pretty tasty. Even when my tongue was not picking up full tastes when I was at my worst - the tropical flavour of the Immune boosting Vitamin C variety really did taste nice.

As soon as I felt better I went back to get some more. The second time I went for one of the 'Boost' versions, which gives you a kick of Vitamin B6, to help put a spring in your step. This one was slightly less flavoursome, but being lime flavoured I did expect that. Lime is a flavour I am a big fan of, so these were a nice, refreshing flavour for me. But I imagine others may disagree. They're a bit tangy and not a... traditional lime flavour? It's kind of hard to explain. But for £1 a pack on offer at the moment, they're worth a try if only for the vitamin boost alone.

I'm going to pop back and see if they have some more and stock up, as both are definitely part of my evening and I'm intrigued by the other flavours. I also need to pick up a new Peppermint Tea, as the last lot of PG Tips tea I bought has a disgusting plastic like taste to it. Blergh.

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  1. Aw I'm glad you found a green tea you liked! I grew up on green tea so I don't notice the grassiness but I can totally understand what you're saying :) Honey & orange helps bland green tea as well!


    1. Yeah honey is a nice little taste booster in green tea!

  2. I have tried drinking just plain old green tea and my taste buds just refuse to adapt to it. I have tried flavoured ones some were alright, some not so alright. But the one that I have found I like the most is Twinings green tea with peach and cherry blossom.

    I've never come across a lime green tea before though.


  3. I find it really hard to make myself drink green tea - but I've not seen a lime one before and if I can get these for £1 I don't have a lot to lose so will see if my local store has them!

  4. I absolutely love green tea, totally appreciate all the info!


Thanks for the comment!

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