The Gig Wish List January

Perhaps instead of ‘Gig Wish List’ I could call this the ‘GWISHT’ instead to make it more catchy and such? Anyway, you get the idea. I used to go to gig most weeks back in the day. When emo and nu metal was at it’s peak, I’d buy tickets to shows like they were going out of fashion. The first *proper* gig I ever went to was Deftones back in 2001 at Manchester Apollo. To be honest, I remember the journey to the gig more than the show itself. This was mainly due to the fact it was my first time going to a BIG city and the people I went with all got really drunk. I remember being so anxious about getting the last train home and also wondering why people would want to get so drunk and not remember such a brilliant band in full?! We rolled up pretty late after walking to the venue from Picadilly train station and we missed the support act completely. In fact, I don’t even know who the support act was. The show itself was pretty magical and my intrigue in to live music went from there. Over the past few years I’ve definitely opted to see bands at festivals rather than at shows in venues. This is mainly due to laziness if I’m completely honest. Most gigs I can get to in close by cities are always on weekdays and working every day just gives me a complete CBA attitude about any after work activities. This is a cycle I’m hoping to break for 2015. In the spirit of more music blogging, here’s my GWISHT for January 2015:

Death From Above 1979 // The Ritz, Manchester
DFA1979 are one of the best bands I’ve ever seen live at a festival. I was lucky enough to catch them at one of their come back performances at Leeds Festival in 2011. The anticipation surrounding them taking to the stage again was immense. Lucky for me I was blessed with an Guest Area Artist wrist band that year, which meant I could sneak to the side of the stage they were playing on. I was literally in awe, not only because I was so close (yet so far) from them, but also because freaking INTERPOL were standing right next to me. I’m sure seeing them live again during this tour will be equal in awesomeness and I’m glad these chaps are back making music again.

Death From Above 1979. The Ritz in Manchester. 24th February 2015. Buy tickets online here.

Sleaford Mods // The Sugarmill, Stoke

If you imagine The Streets meeting Kasabian in a dark alley and having a fist fight, being broken up by Paul Weller and having a meeting with the Macc Lads afterwards, that’s kind of the vibe I get from Sleaford Mods. They have pretty shit hair cuts, but their raw punk-hip hop-too old to be this angry songs are something kind of intriguing. I feel like I need to see them live to find out what the hell is going on. I do quite like when music is so unpolished and has that dirty, grimy under produced sound to it and if you’re in to that kind of thing, you’ll probably like these too.

Sleaford Mods. The Sugarmill in Stoke. 26th February 2015. Buy tickets online here.

Peter Hook The Light  // Various places apart from the bloody UK.

Obviously a complete dream on the GWISHT, but seriously, Peter Hook & The Light’s are to tour the Southern States of The US performing Joy Division’s ‘Unknown Pleasures’ and ‘Closer’ live. And how frigging amazing would that be to see. Peter Hook was the bassist for Joy Division and went on to form New Order with the remaining members of the band after the passing of Ian Curtis (like I’d need to tell you that though, huh?). This tour is a chance to see something which my generation never got the chance to see performed live and it’s definitely one to catch if they ever come back to the UK again.

Peter Hook & The Light. Various Locations and dates. Buy tickets online here.