The Pale Contour

Contour for pale skin tones using grey, taupe and lilac colours.
Contouring is nothing new, in fact, whenever I read the word ‘contour’ I swear my brain automatically over rides it to being ‘cont-BORE’ instead. There’s tutorial after tutorial out there on how to perfect your sculpted cheekbones and deceptive pixie nosed face, but every time I try them I end up looking a bit like I smeared poop on my chops. This is mainly because I am relatively pale, and most contouring products come in a rich BROWN shade. If your skin tone is pale and you’re not in the least bit tanned, using a brown toned product to add a NATURAL SHADOW to your face isn’t going to end well usually. Don’t get me wrong, there are some great bronzers for pale skin out there, which can double up as a contouring product on some occasions. My favourite contouring products which are brown in colour, but not poop on face are the I ♡ Makeup I ♡ Definition in Fair and the Essence Sun Club All In One Bronzing Highlighter (for blondes and lighter skin), which you can find online here. Both of these are brilliant for contouring pale skin, as the tone of the brown seems to be tailored more towards lighter skin tones and don’t have a horrid, orange tinge to them. Better still, you can pick either of them up for under £5.
Although those two sets utilise a brown shade for the shadow of your contour, they still don’t look as natural as they could do. Using a grey toned products works wonders for sculpting your cheekbones and creating a more natural looking definition. The idea for contouring isn’t to add colour to your face, it’s to add shadows which aren’t are prominent naturally. So realistically, rich browns are something to avoid. Especially in winter. 
One product I’ve discovered recently which I’ve been using as a contour most days, is Stila Convertible Colour in Peony. When I first got this in the Marks and Spencers January Sale, I couldn’t work out how to use it within my make up routine. I felt the colour was a little too ‘meh’ and I couldn’t decide if I liked it. By some kind of genius move, I dipped two fingers in and smeared it just where the shadow from the non existent cheekbones on my hamster cheeks should be. It blended in effortless, and once I popped on a touch of my regular blusher on the apples of my cheeks it was the best contouring move of my life. The colour is a kind of really dark taupe, with a pinkish hue. You’ll just have to go to your local counter and have a look though, it’s a bit hard to explain.
One product which was recommended by Rose from Mixed Gems blog for a natural contour, was the Illamasqua lipstick in Posture. When I once tried this on my lips it actually looked like I was dead. But when chatting to Rosie once, in her work home of Selfridges in Birmingham about it, she  said that a lot of people use it for contouring and that totally made more sense than it being a lipstick. It’s a really light lilac-grey tone which would be perfect for a faux facial shadow. It’s also a matt finish which is perfect for a non gooey cheek product. 
So really, if you’re blessed with a skin tone similar to Casper and a little apprehensive when it comes to contouring, crack out your closest grey toned eye shadow for a quick experiment before you invest in a *real* product for it. Taupes, lilacs, greys. Just experiment and see what happens!