Thug Kitchen: Eat Like You Give a F*ck

No, YOU bought the Thug Kitchen Book as a Christmas present to someone then decided to keep it for yourself…
If you’re not familiar with the online version of Thug Kitchen, then you probably haven’t noticed the book on your radar either. Basically, it’s a no bullshit approach to eating healthily, with a few swears along the way. Thug Kitchen first popped up on my browser one night a few years ago over on Tumblr. I liked their sassy attitude and the recipe pictures they were posting looking pretty darn delicious. One thing I didn’t even notice until I read the introduction in the book was that all the recipes are meat free?! Proving that not just steak can make your mouth water when photographed in the correct light, huh. I’ve never considered going vegetarian and still wouldn’t, but when you leave meat out of dishes you do find that they become more affordable and often a little bit healthier, so it suits me fine to go meat free for the purposes of these recipes and more.
Thug Kitchen is packed full of fresh ideas and fancy ways to whip up tasty dishes. The only issue I have with it, is that some of the recipes require ingredients which I’ve not seen sold in many places in the UK. I’m sure if you were desperate to try a recipe, you could pick up the required products on Amazon, but just don’t buy the book expecting to be able to instantly make all of the recipes with your store cupboard items. Saying that though, there’s still a great range you can try after a quick visit to Asda. The book also contains simple guides and explanations; from measuring conversions to WHY Thug Kitchen is such a success (the clue there is tasty ass food which is good for you, in case you hadn’t gathered).
As I live alone, I often find cooking is a bit of an effort so bypass making meals from scratch in favour of the microwave. After browsing the Thug Kitchen Cookbook numerous times now, I feel like I should put my new frying pans to good use and crack a recipe or two out! And don’t worry, when I do I will blog the evidence. It’s not that I can’t cook, it’s more that I don’t cook… Very often. I guess the point is that by simply browsing the book and checking out the flavour combinations and recipes inside, it’s inspired even me to give this old cooking thing a go (and as I always say, I want to step more away from Beauty Blogging moving forward anyway!). So there’s hope for anyone who wants a new ‘clean’ eating regime for the new year.