How Benefit Are Taking Over The Beauty World

Benefit Puff Off Eye Gel review on UK beauty blog

Benefit Cosmetics. They're everywhere, right?

And why are they everywhere? Because of their branding.

And what's so good about their branding? JUST LOOK AT IT ALL.

As I'm sure you've seen reviews for the new Benefit Puff Off Eye Gel everywhere already, I'll keep that part brief - It's actually kind of amazing. Not quite make up, not quite skin care. It's a quirky little tube of joy which instantly cools and de-puffs your eye area, without looking cakey or gross. Whether you use it under your make up or over it, you instantly see the smoothing effect, which somehow diffuses and soften your under eye area within seconds. Unlike other products I've tried of this kind (ew, Nanoblur) it doesn't leave a horrible tight feeling, it doesn't apply in a layer, it melts in yet still works wonders. Although the puffy effect isn't something I tend to get under my eyes (my eyes actually dip in somehow underneath instead?!) I do have quite a lot of tiny wrinkles due to contact lens wear and also the ageing process (you know I'm nearly 30, right?). For £22.50 it's not cheap, but the small amount needed to create the desired outcome means it will last you an adequate amount of time. And let's face it - where else are you going to get an eye product you apply with a tiny little iron? I don't even use the iron for my clothes, so to get one on my eyes makes me feel a little bit better about my lack of home maker skills.

Now that's out of the way, let's get back to their branding. 

The thing that appeals to me about Benefit, is that they put so much effort and thought in to their branding. Their product launches are now a series of well thought out campaigns which instantly get bloggers and journalists alike, instagramming their Benefit PR parcel. Whether it's the personalised packages they sent out in the summer for the Hoola Bronzer, or the recently released Roller Lash vanity case... If they're going to launch it, you're going to know about it in advance from the power of social media. 

Every time I talk to someone about branding, whether it's a job interview or to fellow bloggers; if someone asks me which PR campaigns stand out to me, my answer is always Benefit Cosmetics.

It's the little touches which count.

I always think the key to a great campaign is personalisation. Everyone loves something with their name on. Even though the Benefit Puff Off launch didn't include personalised keepsakes, I suppose they didn't require it, as the packaging itself is the all singing, all dancing amazing part. But for products such a Majorette and Roller Lash they have thought about the little touches, such as the silk eye mask and cup with a butt on. It's things like this which optimise social media sharing and make the person receiving it feel that touch more special. It's the treat others how you want to be treated mentality and Benefit have really cottoned on to that of late. For the Benefit Roller Lash launch they've gone to the streets of big cities to get their presence on the map. Birmingham, Manchester, Liverpool, London.... They've all been visited by the Benebus of goodness and treated shoppers to a publicity experience like no other. Their staff are almost award winning actresses with their ability to live and breath the brand at every opportunity they can; getting in to character for any new releases they need to adapt themselves to.

So here's a tip of the hat to you Benefit, and your incredible PR and blogger outreach team. Your hard work is paying off, because I for one am now converted. You pesky scamps.

Benefit Puff Off Eye Gel review on UK beauty blog

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  1. I think I'm probably the only blogger not to have received the Puff Off!

  2. Haha I have loved benefit for a long time because of this reason their branding is strong! It's a mix of quirky and vintage that is pulled off at ever opportunity and you just can not help but be suckered in! I just wish the ladies at the counter followed the philosophy of benefit I never feel like I have to have products from the counter as the girls are just not helpful yet when I see campaigns like roller lash and puff off I HAVE TO GET IT OMG LIKE NOW!!!

  3. Ironing out the wrinkles *ahem, lines, just fine lines* yes I like the idea of this a lot, it's nice to hear it works quite well too.
    Amy x | A Little Boat Sailing

  4. I totally agree that their branding and social activities are excellent. You've sold it to me - I'm going to have to give this a go.

  5. I couldn't agree more with this post if I tried. I do pretty much love Benefit, but for the longest time I think I believed they could possibly be as good as they seem. Because that's the point, they SEEM so amazing. Their branding is just bloody brilliant, and you can't help but take notice. Now if the products didn't match up, then we'd have a problem. But I have to say I really have loved everything I've tried so far :)
    Fantastic post with some great points made!

    Jemma xx

  6. I gotta admit, I do love Benefit and it's all about the amazing branding and lust factor!
    Naomi xx


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