Cheap and Cheerful Little Gifts

Every year Valentines day seems to be a bigger and bigger occasion. Twitter is always divided between people loving it and people absolutely loathing it. I’m pretty indifferent when it comes to Valentines really, it’s just another day and me and t’other half tend to leave each other little notes, gifts and go for meals a lot anyway. 
If you’re in a relationship lads and your girlfriend is telling you don’t bother with presents, what she really means by that is ‘BUY ME ALL THE PRESENTS EVER PLZ’ and you’ve probably left it a bit too late to book a romantic weekend in Barcelona, eh? 
Here’s a few little gifts for her which will ensure you’ll stay on the good side next weekend. 
Lip Balms: Cheap and cheerful and usually in lovely flavours without the calories. You can pick up some really good quality lip balms from Boots and the like, all for a few quid each. This means if you’re not sure which flavour to buy someone, you can get a few! I for one, can never have too many lip balms in my bag at one time. 
Cute Stationary:  In Wilko at the moment they have SO many amazing little note pads and stationary bits for super cheap!! The organiser pad pictured above was only £2.50 and has a magnet strip on the back. I’m taking it to work for my desk, and also going to go back get another for my fridge (unless someone reads this and gets the hint to buy me another for Valentines).
Candles and Chocolate: These two don’t really need much of an explanation, but you can never go wrong with the obvious can you? Toblerone’s are only 99p in Home Bargains at the moment, and this delicious smelling Chupa Chups candle can be found in the pound shop in a range of scents.
Perfume: Perfume doesn’t have to break the bank. Places like Zara and Marks and Spencers have some awesome scents in their range and most of them are under a tenner a pop! Meaning you can buy more than one if you’re not sure what scent someone would like. The Body Shop also do some really cute eau de toilettes for £8.50 each. The Vanilla Bruleé one is my favourite so far, although I can’t find it online any more, boooo!

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