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As I've mentioned a few times, I currently rent my flat, so I do literally spend hours online eyeing up other peoples homes and spaces. I think it's human nature to be really intrigued about other people's places isn't it? And I'm so nosey, I can't wait for the day when technology is advanced enough to let us actually interactively snoop inside all the boxes and storage people share. Or does that just make me a bit weird? Don't ever invite me over, I'll just rummage in all your stuff, soz. Two of my favourite blog to have a home snoop around on are Skunkboy Blog and A Beautiful Mess. They're the first blogs I ever followed years ago and each time they post anything to do with where they live I click straight on it from my Bloglovin' feed.

Source: Skunkboy

I think the reason I love those two blogs the most, is because they just DIY so much stuff for their own homes. If I wasn't so poor/lazy/busy I'd make so much more stuff than I do at the moment. The last thing I made was just some bunting from a tea towel (which looks a bit better than it sounds by the way) One of the best things I did in my living room, was upgrade my curtains. Which sounds like a pretty boring 'upgrade' but believe me - it's made all the difference. From dark brown, uninspiring material, I now have some Joules-esque floral ones, which have really brightened up the entire room.  I remember years ago when it used to be a big thing when my mum had to make curtains for the house. But now you can just buy them in a packet at an affordable price and hang them straight up! Because I couldn't really afford to be too fussy about my furniture and home accessories, I've gone for the full on mismatched vibe, which all ties together somehow. When I have bought stuff especially I've tried to ensure that I've stuck to pastel colours and murky greens, which when matched with my bright red sofa sounds a bit like I live in student digs. But it works, I think, I hope.  

What's your home style like?
Do you like everything consistent and organised, or thrown together and a little bit clumsy looking? 
I definitely sway towards the clumsy side of home decor! 

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  1. Oooo ABM is one of my favourite blogs to read! I love their bedroom, it's so pretty!

    Lots of Love, Lottie ♥
    Lifestyle blog to make you smile :)

    1. There's always so much to read on there as well. I could spend hours browsing!

  2. I love clumsy home decor, means its been used, if its too consistent, it looks like no one can get comfy =]

    1. yes! Like you're not allowed to touch anything!

  3. I like the more eclectic home styles. While I'd love to have a big clean pinteresty home, I'm slowly collecting things that are more sort of mismatched, I think it lets you have more fun and is more unique to your individual style :) I'm really intruiged by this tea towel bunting now though! x

    1. Hahaha its not great but works if you dont examine it too closely!! I'll tweet you a link if I can find it.


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