My Little Wellibobs

With so many festivals being announced lately, I’m totally getting in to the festival spirit a little more prematurely than usual! Although apparently my fave Sonisphere isn’t going to be making a return for 2015 *sigh* we still have Download to curb our greebo side and not forgetting Leeds Festival where REFUSED are playing. Seriously, I’ve waited so long to get my hardcore punk on with those Swedes of musical awesomeness. I remember the first time I heard New Noise in a club like it was yesterday and it still makes me tingle a bit inside. I’m also really looking forward to seeing Catfish and the Bottlemen too. I missed them when they played The Sugarmill a few weeks ago, and I’m addicted to listening to Kathleen at the moment.
Of course, with festival season also comes ‘festival fashion’ and I’ll take any excuse to start buying new things as early as possible. My shiny new Joules Wellibobs are my first official purchase of the year where I’ve used the excuse ‘They’ll be great for festivals!’
If you didn’t follow my tales of the Joules sale woe the other day on Twitter, then it was quite a traumatic time in my life. I somehow managed to spend close to *gulp* £100 when I casually popped up to the Joules Seconds and Returns Sale at Heaton House Farm last Wednesday after work. I’m still in two minds about whether or not I regret it. It was a FRENZY, like something you’d see on the TV, with women grappling tweed and floral prints like they were going out of fashion. I managed to dig my way round and amongst the other things I got in my SWAG, these Wellibobs found their way through the pop up check out. They only set me back £10, which when compared with their £34.95 RRP, made them a bargain.
They are unbelievably comfortable, with a fluffy lining and slightly cushioned insole. They’re going to be perfect for rainy days and warmer afternoons in a field with a can of strongbow listening to some of my favourite bands.