Living Alone (With a Cat)

I’ve lived on my own for around 2 years now. And I don’t mean alone with friends, away from my parents, I mean alone, alone. Before you get any ideas crazy stalker murderers out there, I do have a security system and a mean punch in case you were going to try and break in – but seriously, don’t come near me, thanks. Anyway, yes, living alone. It’s not as scary as you think really. I absolutely love it. After living with my family for the largest chunk of my life, in the same house, in the same street, it came as quite the culture shock when I eventually moved out in to Student Halls. Then to living with friends, then with one friend and then finally just me and my cat Kitty. There were a few pros to living with other people – such as splitting bills and having someone else to occasionally do the washing, I personally found there were many more cons. It just stressed me out and annoyed me too much and ultimately it made friendships harder when living with your best friend! 

When I moved in to my flat alone, it wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be. In fact, the only problem was that when I was looking a lot of places wouldn’t allow pets. With so many pets having to end up in rehoming centres, it’s such a shame that landlord’s don’t quite understand the impact this has on not only the families losing their beloved pets, but also the animals themselves.  Not to mention the charities doing the hard work to find pets their new forever homes! It really makes me sad. My flat was one which was listed as ‘no pets allowed’ but I discussed with the letting agent the possibilities of letting me keep my cat with me and they spoke to the landlord and agreed I could let Kitty move with me. To be honest, if they didn’t allow her I’d have found somewhere else anyway. But what you can take from that, is that if you are renting with a pet it is always worth asking.
Anyway, back to living alone.
The past few places I lived were unfurnished, but luckily I found most of my furniture and appliances either free or for really cheap prices! It’s amazing the amount of fridges and sofa’s people are constantly getting rid of. The only thing I really had to buy was my bed, thanks to the bank of Mum and Dad, but we’ll call that a ‘new home’ gift anyway. The most expensive part of the bed always seems to be the mattress though, which actually came as a massive shock to me when I was bed shopping! How could I go through life so ignorant of mattress prices? I’ve been suffering with a cheap £50 mattress for years now, and it’s actually made my back ridiculously bad. Luckily the mattress kings over at Dormeo have supplied me with a new memory foam mattress to ease my poor back pain. Since getting it, I’ve noticed a massive difference in aches and my posture has *slightly* improved. Before, when sitting at work, my back would just randomly hurt in the middle, but over the past few weeks this seems to have disappeared. So my Dormeo Mattress Review? Well, that’s a solid 10/10. It really goes go to show that when it comes to the thing you’re gonna spent at least 7 hours a night lying in, you really do need to invest wisely. I’ve certainly learnt my lesson and can stop blaming my bad back on poor office chairs, when really the route of it was my bed!
However good it is to live on your own though – with the dancing about like a madman when you get home from work, and the walking round in your pants when the weathers dead hot, there is one distinct downside: I cannot watch American Horror Story on my own at night, because I end up freaking myself out and can’t get to sleep. Whoops.