Make Up Mistakes I Used to Make

We all went through that period where we thought our make up looked amazing, but in actual fact we just looked really silly. It’s a mixture between thinking it flattered us, being stubborn by not taking other people’s advice, and falling in to that safety net of comfort where it’s something we know and don’t want to steer away from it. I’ve been through a thousand morning make up routines before I’ve finally found one which suits my skin and my erm, FACE. But it does often scare me that I’m yet again in another phase that I think looks good, only to look at pictures in a few years and wonder what the hell I was thinking! I’ve never been through the white eyeliner and blue eyeshadow phase, but I certainly did own a frosted lip stick or two from Constance Carroll.

Here’s a few other make up mistakes I’ve made in the past, that I certainly won’t be revisiting again:
Using a Powder Foundation over a Liquid Foundation: Oh gahhhdddd, this is one of those things I did for YEARS. Seriously, since I was a teenager and grew my first spot, I fell in to the full coverage with a side of cakeyness trap. In my head, clogging my pores in to submission somehow helped my acne ridden complexion. But in retrospect, I was just drawing more attention to my awful skin and making it worse at the same time, alongside creating a nice crust of foundation all round my jawline with no desire to blend it in to my neck. Since ditching the powder foundation and just using a medium or full coverage liquid foundation (sometimes with a touch of colour correcting powder brushed on lightly), my skin has been so much better. I don’t get the mid afternoon cake clog around my T Zone and I don’t have those grim crusty patches any more. 
Green. Eye. Shadow: Another one which makes me cringe. For about 5 years I wore green eyeshadow every single day. Because I have green eyes I thought it made them look even more green, but in fact it just made me look entirely mental. It was definitely one of those things I felt I couldn’t leave the house without too! It wasn’t just a nice subtle moss shade of green either at first, although it did progress to a tamer tone towards the end. It was often a bright green in two tones. What was I thinking?!
Not Wearing Any Blusher: Considering I have big ol’ hamster cheeks, you would of thought I’d cotton on to the powers of blusher at an early age. However, it seems that I was always about as scared as blusher as I am of spiders. As you can imagine, combined with the cake face which made my entire face almost one dimensional, it was a strong look. Although when you think about my eyeshadow faux pas it’s possibly a good thing I wasn’t wearing blusher at the same time, because circus chic ain’t ever going to be on point.
Dying My Hair More Than One Colour: Back when I was a youth (yes, 10 years ago now *reminder* I’m 29, not 19 as most people assume) having colours in your hair was a ‘proper greebo’ thing. I went through every colour there was – purple, pink, blue, green. Even when I settled back to red in between these colours, I’d still mess about with bleach putting random streaks of all kinds in and it consistently just looked crap. Although this isn’t as bad as my school days, where we won’t mention my ”blonde” hair (which was actually just yellow the entire time) it still wasn’t a great look. When I see people with colourful hair now, I just think ‘what a bloody ball ache’.
Straightening My Hair: I don’t even mean straightening my hair too much or anything, I just mean straightening my hair to start with. My hair is naturally really straight without a hint of a wave in it. Why did I ever feel the need to own straighteners? Not only did it make my hair look shit, but it also made the condition crap to boot. Which resulted in years of having shorter hair cuts which never suited me. It really annoys me when people go on about the high temperatures of straighteners like that’s a GOOD selling point?! NO. The higher the temperature the more you’re damaging your hair. And unless you have a head of actual long pubes then there’s really no need to have 39403297293075 Degree Celsius heat tools on it.  
What beauty mistakes did you used to make?
What beauty mistakes do you make NOW?