A Gift For Mother

Is it even possible to take a bad image of flowers?
Considering my mother took these on her phone, I think it must be impossible.
And that’s who these flowers were for the other day – My mum when she celebrated her *insert desired age* birthday (hey, we’re a very young and attractive family, don’t go over guessing). Because she loves flowers so much, there’s nothing more suitable than a fresh flower delivery straight to her door. 
She always pops them in a vase in the living room, so she can smell them every morning on the way through to the kitchen when she’s pottering about getting ready for work. The Beautiful Day Bouquet’ is definitely a very apt bunch of flowers for people who like to enjoy them in this way. Roses, scented pink lilies and carnations make up this lovely fresh looking display, which immediately makes me think of spring. Oh Spring, please do hurry up, these dark nights are getting me down!
Of course, Valentines Day does come before Spring…. And sometimes I wish I actually liked flowers myself so I could see the enjoyment in them! But it’s much nicer for me to send them to other people who appreciate them more than myself. Buying gifts for people is always one of my favourite things to do. If, like me, you fancy treating someone else to some flowers for a special occasion (hint; Mothers Day Flowers!?) the use the code: DFBLOG25 to get 25% off your order.
And thank you so much Debenhams Flowers for gifting these to my mum so quickly!! The birthday message in the card was a lovely touch. 

Mothers day flowers at Debenhams