MUA Whipped Velvet Lip Creams

MUA Whipped Velvet Lip Creams Review
The other week I was invited to the MUA Garden Party event down in LANDAN TARRNNNN. Unfortunately, as I live in Stoke, it’s kind of impossible to make it to amazing blogger events unless they’re in Manchester or Birmingham, grrr. Thankfully, the lovely team at MUA sent me the collection of new MUA Luxe Whipped Velvet lip lacquers to enjoy at home. Yusssss.
Alongside the new MUA Whipped Velvet lip creams, they have also released a ‘Pout Prime‘ which prepares your lips ready for the colour of your choice. I’ve used this a few times, and unfortunately I don’t reckon it’s more than a lip balm in a fancy pen form. That’s alright though, as it does moisturise your pout and I guess yeah, that does prepare them for lipstick! 
Anyway, back to the MUA Whipped Velvet range.
There are five colours in the range, and each one is made of a formula which can only be described as the Angel Delight of the lipstick world. It’s a creamy consistency, but with a slightly fluffy texture… If that even makes sense?!  It applies quite sheer compared to the matte finish lip velvets and doesn’t really last *as* long, in fact the longevity isn’t really notable. As the colours are all quite sheer they don’t give that bold, bright finish you’d expect when you see the ‘velvet’ bit in the name, which is good, because what’d be the point of releasing another range of lip creams which do the same thing as the others ones they stock?! After the initial layer of product has transferred off though, you are left with quite a nice tint on your lips which lasts throughout the day on the darker shades. They also make your lips feel really smooth, which is reassuring for a matte finish product.
My favourite shade from the range is ‘Spry’ which I mentioned in this post. It’s a brilliant nude for every day wear. I also really like the shade Ritzy for a nice subtle shade of pinkish red. You can see the full range online here and they retail for just £3 each! 
Let’s just also take a moment to appreciate this little canvas make up bag from Flamingo Gifts which is the perfect size for things just like these MUA lipsticks! By Hazel Nicholls, it features a illustrated nice biscuit which makes me smile every time I pull it out of my bag. You can spy this online here.
MUA Whipped Velvet Lip Creams Review