Musical Guilty Pleasures

I like most kinds of music. From folk to indie to hip hop, yo. I'm by no means a music snob. I will literally give anything a try and as long as it's not Pablo Nutini, I can usually tolerate it. Don't ask me why but Pablo really rubs me up the wrong way. I can't stand his voice, his music or his weird attitude. Sometimes I do listen to things though, which make me feel like I shouldn't reaalllyyyyy like. Or tell anyone that I like. Here are a few example of my musical guilty pleasures, that I often listen to on repeat:

First up, for any other fans of RuPauls Drag Race, we have The Heathers with Lady Marmalade -


Like the original version of Lady Marmalade wasn't a cringe enough, The Heathers version is full on cheese with an added dose of sleaze. Although it features all my favourites from that season of Drag Race, without a booger in sight, I still think I shouldn't like this as much as I should. Or listen to it daily.

Second up, we have the song which no Spotify playlist is complete without; The Pokemon Theme Tune. The PASSION, the POWER which this song involves. Each time I hear it I feel like I need to encompass the essence of ALL THE POKEMON in one small dance routine I regularly have each time I have a listen.

I've never denied my love of Ke$ha, but I have played down my love for her quite a lot recently. She's the epitome of 'all sass, no class' and it makes me feel good that no matter how made up she is, she still looks a bit Christina Aguilera circa the 'Dirrty' phase (I worded this in a much cruder way over on Twitter). Blow is probably one of my favourite Ke$ha songs, if only for the video. I developed quite the soft spot for James Van Der Beek during a few binge sessions of Don't Trust The B In Apartment 23. 

And finally, I refuse to believe that anyone can listen to Sean Paul - Temperature without dancing. Or singing along.

''Five million and forty, naughty SHORTY, baby girrrl, baby girrrllll''

I often put this on when people are around using the excuse that my dad really likes Sean Paul (don't ask), but really, I love this song just as much. I even have a dance, maybe one day I will share it on the internet with the power of YouTube, who knows.

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  1. How did I not know The Heathers did that?! I love them!


Thanks for the comment!

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