Pinteresting: The Bathroom Edition

Image inspiration from Pinterest.
One downside of renting a place, is that you have no choice over the ‘built in’ parts of the property. In my current flat this doesn’t bother me too much. I quite like my granny kitchen and *real* bathroom (as opposed to shower rooms I’ve had before in rented flats, blah). The only downside of each is that they’re at the back of my flat and don’t have any windows! It’s not as bothersome as I first thought it would be, but sometimes it would be nice to crack a window open after…. things have happened in them. Oh, take your mind out of the gutter, I mean cooking fish in the kitchen, obviously. But in bathrooms it would be nice to have a lovely open window to let some natural light in. I miss the days of living in a house with a big window in every room! Sometimes it feels like I live solely by the light of my bulbs, especially when it’s dark when I’m going to and from work! What I’d give for a nice Saturday morning bath in natural light. It’s the little things, eh?
Another thing I’m not keen on in my flat is that the walls are magnolia. This doesn’t make taking pictures great and I’m so tempted to just slap some bright white emulsion on at least one rooms walls! My laziness is the main thing preventing this from happening though. In fact, I’m so lazy that I prefer to just look on Pinterest and ponder about what it would be like to live somewhere which was a bit more airy and light. Don’t get me wrong, I really don’t mind renting and for now it suits me – especially when I read articles like this one from the Independent which includes research from UK Bathrooms. They asked what was most off putting in a bathroom when buying a house, and I was surprised to see a bad silicone finish being one of the things. What happened to make do and mend, eh?! Even I can work out how to add some sealant to the rim of a bath, haha.  The price of houses and all the ins and outs that goes along with getting a mortgage really does make me a little anxious, more anxious than debating painting my walls white, that’s for sure. So for now, Pinterest is my safe haven, away from the woes of being a grown up and the desire for bright, white rooms with lovely windows et al.