What Does The Fox Say?

If this fox could speak it would probably say 'you should NEVER HAVE GONE TO THAT JOULES SALE, TERRI' purely for the fact I'm still wahhh-ing over spending so much money there.

Within my SWAG of countryside chic, which also included the Joules Wellibobs I blogged about the other day here, I managed to get my mucky paws on two items I had been lusting over for a while. The first object of my Joules affection was the Tan Marl Fox Jumper, I'd spotted this a few weeks ago over on their Instagram, but for the original price of £69.95 it was a little out of my budget! Amongst the madness of the Joules Seconds/Returns Sale, I managed to grab this little beauty for £10. Although I think it was a return to store, as it smelt very strongly of Lush products(?!) it was still worth every penny - I mean, I would have paid more on eBay for it second hand! The second piece I'd been eyeing up for a while, was this amazing Joules Tweed Purse. It still had the price in saying it was originally £34.95, but these were priced up at only £5, so I got two; one for me and one for my mum! They were seconds though, as the button on the front didn't fasten, but that's nothing I can't fix myself at home anyway.

As I have a penchant for all things woodland themed, this Ted Baker Stag Hip Flask* has made my life a little bit more complete. I mean, look at it. It's so pretty for an item you'd usually associate with old men! Although I'm not quite at the point of taking a hip flask out and about with me, this is going to be pretty handy come festival season when you're not allowed glass bottles on the camp site to sneak a bit of gin in. I'd certainly look the belle of the ball with my wellies on swigging from a fancy hip flask, huh?!

If you're upset you missed out on the Joules clothing sale, don't worry! There's an Outlet store at Cheshire Oaks nowadays, which excites me a lot, but makes my bank account weep. And if you're feeling a little less selfish and want to treat somebody special, check out the amazing range on Flamingo Gifts. Anyone else REALLY want this cat candle?

Ted Baker Hip Flask
Joules Tweed Purse

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  1. That jumper is so cute, £70 is a bit steep though - great bargain

    Hayley @ Tea Party Beauty

    1. it is a lot! But considering I want to wear it all the time I probably would have got my money's worth haha

  2. Oh wow, what a bargain for the jumper. I love their funky animal motifs. And that hipflask is rather awesome - totally perfect for festivals, I should think! I'd never considered the fact that you're not allowed glass bottles.

    1. There's quite a lot of restrictions on what you can take in to the campsite at some festivals! Some won't even allow disposible BBQ's, so you always have to think ahead, especially for alcohol. Hehe.


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