5 Things I Couldn’t Live Without

I suppose it’s quite dramatic to say that there are things I *couldn’t* live without as I’m quite sure that if times were really that hard, I could possibly live without erm…. Coffee or something. But we live in an age where everything is dramatic and LIFE IS A SHOW and the general public is your AUDIENCE., daahhhhlingggg. There is a difference between life essentials and every day ‘essentials’ I guess. One part of living alone is that you don’t get to spend as much as you’d like on your every day essentials, as generally around 85% of my monthly wage is already accounted for with bills such as: electric, council tax, internet, phone, car, petrol, FOOD…. The list almost seems never ending and at times this can be really depressing if I dwell on it too much.

5 things I couldnt live without

One thing that really gets me is when people say ”Well, you’d have more money if you didn’t buy so much make up”
WELL, the reason I buy small, affordable things such as make up, is because if I didn’t I’d be literally working to survive and not earning money to live. Does this make sense?
Basically, if every last penny I earned went on things I had no choice in paying, things I had to spend on to keep a roof over my head and not starve, what kind of life would that be? 

We live in modern Britain, and as a sassy late 20 something women, I feel like if I’m going to spend 40 hours of my week out my flat to work, I’m going to damn well enjoy something now and again to make it all worthwhile. So yes, I will spend ¬£10 a time in Poundland on lipbalm I don’t need and I will treat myself to Almond milk instead water in my morning Protein shake (mainly just so I can feel a bit healthier pretending these protein shakes are benefiting my life in some way). Hell, I’ll even go large at KFC if I feel like it! What can I say? Sometimes, just sometimes, I’m a rebel who cannot be tamed.

5 Things I Couldn’t Live Without

My Car: Living in the back end of Stoke on Trent, the bus services are shockingly poor around these parts. I had to learn to drive to get a job, because the bus only ran up until 4pm to the part of the City that I used to live! I do live in a more accessible location now, but work 20 odd miles away in Cheshire. If I was to go to work on public transport it would take a whopping 2 hours 45 minutes compared with the 50 minute drive I currently do! 
My Flat: I’m the worst at living with people. I can’t stand the noise of other people. This is why it’s just me and the cat. If I still lived with my friends I would have probably fallen out with them a million times over by now! My flat is not only great for my sanity, but brilliant to keep friends who now understand that I’m slightly unhinged. I’m a cat in human form really, and love my alone time, relaxing in the evening just… Doing nothing really. Ahhh, bliss.
Fruit Tea Bags I Never Drink: It’s not just me who has a collection of 100 different flavours and types of tea I never drink is it? It’s like every time I go to the supermarket I see some new and exciting flavour and buy it, only to get home, drink one cup and decide it was meh. It’s like some kind of weird Groundhog Day but with an increasingly bland cup of warm beverage each time.

Lip Balms: If there’s one thing I’ll never be short on it’s lip balms. For some reason I can’t help but buy them. Sticks, rubs, jars and squeezy tubes. I’ve no preference. Whenever I look in my bag I find at least 5 of the buggers. I think it’s some kind of subliminal addiction.

Bags and Shoes: I never really saw myself as the clich√© female who loved bags and shoes and had a massive collection of both – but I am. With shoes, I really didn’t realise how many I actually had! It’s not like I even buy bargain shoes either. To justify their purchase I always rationalise them as being ‘essential’ as I convinced myself at some point that I found buying comfortable shoes impossible so had  to buy any which felt comfortable in the shop…?! With bags, I’ve still yet to find the perfect bag for all occasions. Y’know? I have many bags for many separate occasions, but when will I find the one that I won’t need to alternate with others on a daily basis?

So as you can see – my list is rather shallow.

British Gas asked people around the country their essentials too, just to get y’all thinking about the things you can and can’t live without. The results were, in places, equally as shallow to mine. But as I mentioned at the start, there are obvious things we can’t live without – water, oxygen and food anyone?!