Beauty Products I Wouldn’t Buy Again

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A pretty self explanatory title for this post, as it features all the beauty products I’ve bought which I wouldn’t part money with to buy again. When it comes to beauty blog reviews, it’s always a little concerning when there’s review after review which are all positive. I feel that sometimes we need to feature the poorer products and explain why we didn’t like them, if only to help people with similar tastes and needs to make sensible purchasing decisions in the future!
So, first up we have a Make Up Revolution Review. As you may have seen on social media, they recently celebrated their first birthday. Now don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love Make Up Revolution’s range, and everything has been such good quality for the low prices. The other week I had a little splurge where I picked up a few different products from the Lip Lava to the stippling brush and Goddess of Love Baked Highlighter, that you can see pictured.
As you can also see from the picture, the Make Up Revolution Stippling Brush is absolutely awful quality. I’ve used it only 3 times with the Stila Convertible Colour Lip & Cheek Cream, and the bristles have sprawled out and it’s pretty much un-usable for me now. I think the problem is that the bristles are way too long and there’s not enough of them. I might trim it down by about half and see if it’s any better, but as it is, the only place it will be of any use is probably in the bin (sorry Make Up Rev! I still love you!). With regards to the Goddess of Love Baked Highlighter, I feel this may just have disappointed me because I had such massively high hopes before I bought it. I’ve been after a golden, glowing highlighter for quite some time, and the shade of this reminded me of a Topshop one I’d been eyeing up before. Unfortunately, the ‘baked’ powder just doesn’t seem to transfer… anywhere?! The brush doesn’t seem to pick it up and it’s barely visible on my skin. But as I said, this may be because I’d hyped it up in to being a completely different product in my head, as I suppose I really wanted a creamy formula powder, which a baked one would never usually be – so it’s just one of those which isn’t for me.
When I first bought the Stila Liquid Highlighter, I really liked the rose gold colour and the fact it was a creamy, liquid formula. But, like the aforementioned baked highlighter, it just doesn’t seem to transfer on to my skin as expected. For the price, I wanted a nice subtle-yet-eyecatching glow, if that even exists, but when I put it on all it seems to do it lift off the foundation underneath! So maybe this is one for those enviable ladies who can go without foundation on a daily basis to create a nice, summer glow.
We also have the Benefit World Famous Nudes Eyeshadow set which I bought from the event I went to in Manchester the other week. When it was applied in the store, the colours were such bold, lovely, golden shades. Once home though, the story changed. It turned out the colour was only so lovely because it was applied over my Make Up Revolution eye shadow! (see, I DO love make up rev). It annoys me that on the night I really loved the eyeshadows, only to find them a bit lame when home. Not to mention, the two creamy/gel formula’s in the set are so sheer they may as well be the same colour. Hmph.
I’ve yet to notice a Maybelline Dream Pure BB Cream review, so was interested to try this when I spotted it reduced in Boots. I didn’t know what to expect, but considering it’s for blemish prone skin, I just found it way too sheer and it’s slightly drying on my skin. But saying that, my skin isn’t very oily, despite being spotty. So once again, a product which just isn’t for me so I won’t be buying it again.

Finally, the Got2b Mind Blowing spray, which I mentioned here. As already said, it just made my hair a massive wod of matted crap. I’m really not impressed. However, a few different bloggers have mentioned this range of quick drying hair products and really sung it’s praises?! Even if it did make my hair amazing, I’d still be apprehensive about its use as it contains mainly alcohol, which will ultimately just dry your hair out ridiculous amounts in the long run.
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