Instagramming: The Life Update

On Sunday I made a distinct effort to sit down and take charge of my blogging! I’ve been really busy with work and social life things over the past few weeks, and the blog has taken a bit of a back seat. With lighter nights starting to make an appearance though, it won’t be long until I feel a bit more energised in the evenings. At the moment I just get in and pop my pyjamas on to watch the TV. Sunday I took loads of pictures ready for some blog posts ahead, and decided to schedule this one, so it feels a bit like ‘Back To The Future’ reading it really, but also thought it’d be a good opportunity to do a little Instagram blog post update… Because hey, despite trying to be a little more organised, I’m still a little bit lazy. So here’s some highlights from the last week or so according to my Instagram account (oh, and if you want to follow me my username is: helloterrilowe). 

Sunday’s are a good day for selfies it seems and there’s nothing like an instagram filter to make you feel sassy. As it was International Women’s day I also shared my female icon which is Tina Belcher from Bobs Burgers. She’s the awkward teenage daughter of Bob, who is hopelessly in love with Jimmy Junior. I did write a blog post about her here, as she’s become my personal poster girl for awkward life situations. 
In the post last week, I received yet another beautiful new eyeshadow palette from Make Up Revolution. It has the most amazing gold shade in, which I am currently coveting. This palette is called West End Girls and it always makes me laugh when I see the sometimes obscure music references in the range. I seem to have developed a really unhealthy obsession with gold eyeshadow over the last few months and the more the merrier in my opinion! I ended up making an impromptu Make Up Revolution order over the weekend too, as I am obsessed with the Too Faced Melted lipstick in Melted Berry, but can’t afford the real thing. The Make Up Rev Lava Lips is meant to be a good dupe, so we’ll see about that when it arrives! 

Also in the post last week, I received this surprise parcel from It’s always amazing to have surprise post, but when it features your cat it’s even more amazing. The idea of is pretty simple – you can make wrapping paper by using your instagram feed. It’s PR campaigns like this which impress me, as instagram was awash with excited pet owners who’d also received the surprise package. It turns out that Kitty’s face in wrapping paper form, was covering a cute little book which contains recipes for treats for cats and dogs, and I’m definitely going to be trying some out! 

Finally, I got my paws on my first ORLY nail varnish in the shade Macabre Masquerade. As soon as I saw the sparkly blue colour I knew my nails had to have it. It’s originally from the ‘Secret Society’ gift set, which you can find online here. Is it just me who immediately thinks of Gossip Girl  as soon as I see anything to do with societies or masquerade balls?