Is Poundland Skin Care Any Good?

Creightons Squeeky Clean skincare range from Poundland
Poundland beauty bargains have been increasingly hot topic over the last year or so. With more people catching on to their affordable alternatives to even the cheapest hight street brands, it’s no wonder that they have upped their beauty game – not only with discontinued well known brands, but with also their own regular, lesser known lines. 
Creightons Squeeky Clean range, as you can see, is not too distant a resemblance to the Soap and Glory branding. The main difference being the price. Where Soap and Glory will set you back circa £7 per product (or more) the Creightons range in Poundland are well, a pound each. But are they any good? 
Whilst the product inside the packaging is nothing like Soap and Glory in the slightly, in neither smell or texture, you will actually be surprised at how nice the scent of the Squeeky Clean range is. Fruity, raspberry scents which are lovely on the ol’ nose. The Squeeky Clean Body Better Body Lotion smells really nice, but the formula is kind of…. thin? Like a cheaper hand cream. It’s moisturising skills are good. Not amazing. But good. Bear in mind the price here people. As a £1 product you’ll be surprised, but if you paid around £5 you’d be a bit meh about it. The shower gel is equally as adequate, leaving you feeling clean and fresh, but not overly scented for the rest of the day. But usually for me, shower gel is shower gel and I can often use any old range without noticing a particular difference. Both are quite heavily fragranced, but it’s refreshing to see some ingredients such as Punica Granatum Fruit Extract and Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Fruit Extract high up on the ingredients list. 
The stand out product from this Poundland beauty range is the Squeeky Clean Saint Or Shimmer Lotion. It reminds me of Soap and Glory Hocus Focus but this is for your body rather than your face. Containing some nice, familiar ingredients such as Vitamin E, Coconut Oil and Sweet Almond Oil, this is lovely for slathering all over before a night out and will be perfect for summer days where you’re showing your legs off a bit more and want a diffused glow! I love it.
You can find this entire range over on Beauty @ Creightons online here.  Where I’m surprised to see a few more recognisable brands such as the Amie skincare range and Café De Bain. Oooh la la.