Simple Style: Summer Lovin’

flat lay fashion casual style

So this is a little outfit I packed for my time at Bluestone Wales this week, but alas, never actually had the pleasure to wear. With the misleading blue skies and clear bright days, came a distinct chill in the breezy air, which meant I was forced to wear my Clarks boots and favourite Joules coat the entire time… Things could have been worse I guess.
With hopes of lazing around on the beach in Tenby, I thought I could go bare legged and fancy free with the aid of this glorious Spotty skirt from Dickins & Jones teamed with a classic pair of Converse trainers. These Converse are even fleece lined, so even more perfect for sunny days as you can go without stinky socks making your feet all hot and uncomfortable. I do find Converse a little hit and miss sizing wise sometimes, and I would say the fleece line ones are a particularly snug fit, so would perhaps size up by half a size next time. Because let’s face it, everyone is bound to purchase at least two pairs of Converse in each style within their lifetime. 
I picked this stripy jumper up from H&M a few weeks ago and it was only about £7.99! The material is so super soft and so comfortable to wear. I’m not sure if it’s really right or really wrong to mix spots with stripes, but I kinda like it. There’s something about clashing your outfit which makes you feel like a fashion rebel, but in a really discrete and slightly un-trendy way.
Of course, with hopes of a beach walk and sunshine I packed my favourite Raybans and even a bloody new flask which I was hoping to sneak some ice and gin inside (with a splash of lemonade too). I thought the Vineebago flask would be a step up from the Ted Baker hip flask I featured here, as let’s face it you can fit way more booze in. But it was never meant to be, as all of these things (apart from my sunglasses for the 5 hour drive each way!) stayed in my bag until I got home and unpacked. Boooo!
So please come soon Summer, so I can wear some nice floaty clothes, fancy footwear and drink lashings of gin in the open air again. I miss you.
I’ll be doing a full blog post about my trip to Bluestone in a few days, so keep a look out if you’re interested in what I got up to on my little blogging holiday away!