The Dress That Has a BUM BAG

Denim shirt dress with bum bag pocket attached on UK fashion blog.
There are many reasons why I don’t do many outfit/fashion posts here on the blog. From not having a nice enough space to take the pictures in, to not being able to pose seriously enough to swim with the big fashion fishes in the fashion blogging pond. I never wear anything which is particularly cutting edge, and my general style is comfort over Topshop on a daily basis. I also fear that people may take my ironic approach to pictures of myself seriously. 

But here we go anyway, a Sunday of procrastination has succumb me to the fashion blogging world and you can behold – The dress which was too good not to share. The denim shirt dress with a bloody BUM BAG attached to it. At first, I just thought it was a belt, until I got to the changing room in COW Vintage and discovered it was the dress of dreams. This dress is the only reason I want the weather to warm up, this dress which makes me exclaim ‘WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.’
I originally thought about how great this dress would be for festival season, but then I realised how good it was just for general life. The little pocket of the bag is ample size for your money, phone and your keys (if you take the crap keyrings off). Not only that but denim dresses are so in this season. The best part, was that this little number set me back about £3.33 in total. It was on a sale rail where all the garments were 3 for £10. Hell, I would have paid £10 for this alone! But I also got a leopard print dress and some spotty culottes to complete my transaction. 
There’s not much else I can say about this dress; the length could be a bit longer I guess, as the last button is literally by my fandango, but that’s solved with a plain dress of thin material plopped on underneath.
So, whatdya think? The dress of dreams or the garment of screams?