The Gold Bunny Make Over

What do you get if you cross a rabbit with a zebra and add some chocolate in to the mix? 
So yeah, this absolutely treatalicious Lindt Bunny some how found it’s way in to my life and I’m not sure if I should eat it or just look at it longingly forever. I mean, how can something so edible be so precious? The classic gold bunny somehow looks even more beautiful with the help of a fashionable animal print wrapper. 
When I was a lot younger, I did take a little bit of pleasure in *accidentally* squishing the thinner, hollow eggs on the shelf in the supermarket. You know the ones I mean. The 99p cheap chocolate ones filled with faux smarties, which always got left behind in favour of the fancier eggs by their side. They were so easy and satisfying to just squish. During this stage of subtle Easter rage I did give the Lindt Bunnies a little squeeze now and again to see if I could smash them using the force of only my thumb and my finger, and they were almost impossible to squish. This is how I knew they were the quality chocolate I’ve grown to love. 
Lindt chocolate is so creamy and *Homer Simpson style drool*
I’m not usually even a fan of sweet things, but it’s one of those chocolate types I can eat and eat and eat without feeling sick. So I’m quite pleased (as you can tell) that this little chap is mine to enjoy this Easter.
Despite all of it’s beauty, there’s one thing I must remember: A chocolate bunny is for Easter, not for life.