The Mid (Early) Week Pamper

Monday is done – YUS,… So on rolls the mid week pamper (well, early in the week pamper). On Tuesdays and Sundays I always tend to treat myself to a nice long bath with Netflix, just as a little well done on getting it through the day, you know how it is. When it comes to having a mid week pamper, it’s not like I use the most luxurious products on earth, but I use the products which make me look, feel and smell good instead. Sometimes there’s nothing better than having freshly washed hair and getting rid of those dry elbows and knees.

First things first, before I get in the bath I give my hair a quick wash and apply a moisturising hair mask to leave on whilst I’m having a soak. The Louise Galvin Treatment Masque from Beauty Expert is cruelty free and contains no SLS, Petrochemicals, Parabens, Silicone, Synthetic Fragrance or Polymers. Enriched with wheat proteins and honey, it smells divine. Apparently used by the likes of Cara Delevigne, it leaves my hair feeling so soft and smooth that I want to over fill my eyebrows and dye it blonde, so I can just pretend I’m Cara for a bit. Whilst my hair is getting a surge of moisture, I also whack on a face mask. Although the Nip & Fab Deep Cleansing Fix is predominantly a facial cleanser, you can also use it as a face mask and by God, this stuff is good. When I saw the tub I thought it was going to be pads? But it’s actually a massive tub of rich, thick cream. It contains Sweet Almond Oil and Tea Tree which are both working out to be amazing for calming and clearing spots. I don’t think I’ve been able to fault a Nip + Fab product yet! And this little beauty is currently just under £4 in Superdrug at the moment too!
In the bath itself I’ve been using the Nip & Fab Detox Blend bath soak which I picked up for only 99p in a little Superdrug haul the other week. It doesn’t create bubbles, but it does create a really refreshing smell and makes your skin feel so supple and soft. It’s perfect for a night when you just want a nice relax with American Horror Story on. To get me all clean the Right Guard Shower + Oils shower gel is a firm favourite and I’ve bought this countless times from Home Bargains for about 80p! It smells so nice and contains Argan, Marula and Almond oils. I always find that oil based products like this work really well on my skin and although this leaves it feeling really soft, I can’t help but treat myself further with the Soap & Glory Shower Butter (alright, calm down, I know I’m on about baths). Unlike the DEVIL THAT WAS the Nivea in Shower Moisturiser. this doesn’t leave your bath and shower an absolute death trap and washes down with the rest of the water. Not only that but it smells so creamy and milky and guuhhhhhh *insert Homer Simpson style drool* I love it.
Although it’s fragrance free, the Aveeno Moisturiser feels so good that it could still come under the ‘treat yo-self’ skin care category. At first I thought it might have applied a little greasy due to the formula, but it absorbs in an instant and I’ve never actually used a moisturiser which leaves your skin feeling so soft. Apparently it’s a great range for eczema and skin problems, so I might invest in the hand cream too!
When you have a little pamper, do you go for the luxury products or stick to the bargains and basics which you know just work?

This post probably contains PR samples.