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After watching the Joy Division documentary on BBC 4 the other night, I have been listening to them non stop. I must have seen the Control film a million times already, which documents the life of Joy Division’s singer Ian Curtis, and they are just one of those bands where you find watching their life and story just as amazing as listening to their songs. 
Forming in the late 70’s after attending a Sex Pistols gig, Joy Division were formed with the sense that if the Sex Pistols were on stage churning out music which destroyed the myths of what being a pop star was, they could do it too. The post-punk sounds of the band, who were originally named Warsaw, soon began a musical revolution born and bred in Manchester. 
Despite early success, the tragic story of Ian Curtis is one which always reminds you of the importance of recognising mental health issues and how seriously they can impact on a persons state of mind. Committing suicide on the 18th May 1980, Curtis suffered from both Epilepsy and Depression. The documentary film gives an insight in to the decline of his mental state, through stories from his band mates, who take you through his diagnosis and the time leading up to his death.
Manchester’s music scene has always been one which I love learning more about. From The Smiths and Morrissey to Black Grape and Happy Mondays. I’m hard pushed to find a post punk or indie band from the city which I don’t like listening to. 
You can still watch the BBC Four Joy Division documentary over on iPlayer, which proves to be an excellent watch whether you’re in to the band or not. 
joy division t shirt