Two Facial Oils I Like a Lot

When it comes to using oils in your skincare routine, I think people get a little concerned about ending up with oily skin – I can tell you right now: oil based products do not cause oily skin! If anything they seem to work with your skin to help maintain moisture and for my spots, oils have literally being a God send. I’ve never been as spot free since I discovered them. This will probably come as a surprise to some and a complete contradiction of the ‘rules’, but somehow, face oils calm, soothe and prevent spots on my dry yet spot prone complexion. 

Bearing in mind that everyone’s skin is different and will react differently to different formula’s, ingredients and products; if you’ve tried everything to stop your spotty skin but avoided oils, it might be an idea to at least try them once. I mean really, I tried everything before I finally discovered skin care oils were my best friend. I was just scared that because we are always told that spots are caused by oil, that adding oils to my skin would make them worse. I was so wrong! My skin doesn’t generally work well with creamy products (hot cloth cleansers I’m looking at you) and although there are a few exceptions, I tend to avoid them.

The Murad Renewing Cleansing Oil has been the best cleansing oil I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried a few since discovering my love for oils! It even beats the DHC Cleansing Oil in terms of removing make up and leaving your skin soft and supple after use. Seriously. Applying to a dry face, a few drops goes a long way and this stuff will remove waterproof mascara and heavy black liquid eyeliner in a few light rubs. It’s like some kind of make up melting miracle. When you see the make up starting to melt, just finish it’s removal with a few splashes of water to finish the cleansing process. I tend to follow this with the Nip + Fab Deep Cleansing Fix every other night (as mentioned in my blog post here), as this is one of the few cream based cleansers which works really well with my skin due to the tea tree in the ingredients list!
Although the Kadria Balancing Facial Oil says it’s aimed at ‘Mother and Baby’ I really do think they missed a trick by marketing it only to that demographic on the packaging. With an ingredients list which is targeting towards hormonal breakouts, this stuff is a life saved when it comes to ‘the time of the month’ and I don’t know why teenagers wouldn’t be a great group to aim the product at too! I mean, raging hormones and spots? They’re a combination which most of us suffered at one time or another. Anyway, packed full of essential oils such as Omega 3 and 6, with skin calming Rose Geranium and Frankincense, alongside rejuvenating black seed oil I’ve found this oil is almost a good competitor for my beloved Keihls Midnight Recovery Oil!  It’s been brilliant at sorting out my stressed skin and the friendly ingredients do make it ideal for any age to use.
Are you scared of skincare oils? Or have you tried them, only to be surprised by their power!