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Sometimes when I think about the opportunities blogging has given me, I just feel so thankful! Last year I got to go to Ireland, Scarborough and many other places - all because of my little lifestyle blog. This year so far I have been invited to some wonderful places and events, and I thought it was about time I invested in some practical items for such adventures (I think part of blogging is justifying all your unnecessary purchases by saying they'll be good for 'x' event or 'y' blog post). But excuses to buy to one side, the thing I always find a problem when going to other cities all day is carrying my bag. I want to make sure my bag is big enough for my camera and other essential items, but when it's a shoulder bag it just ends up being so heavy and annoying. Hence treating myself to this lovely little backpack last weekend.

I've been after a back pack or a few weeks now and not been able to find one which is *quite right*. I saw a quite good backpack in primark but I was just a bit worried about the quality and the fact I've had bags from there before which have just broken really easily. This Jane Shilton backpack I picked up from TK Maxx, and despite it being a little above my budget at £29.99, I just fell in love with the colour it it. I'm not sure it comes across true to life on the picture, but it's a dusky pink, almost taupe, shade. It's got plenty of room inside and I love the fact the clasp fastens properly and isn't one of those poppy-magnet buttons. It's not real leather, which is a shame, but I love it all the same and it will definitely come in handy for loads of occasions! 

I also thought it was about time I invested in some decent ankle boots. I have loads of knee high boots or really casual calf length boots like my UGGs, but I spotted these in Clarks for only £55 and thought they'd be a worthwhile investment. I was right, as it's been around 3 weeks and I have worn them almost every single day! For £55 I assumed they were in the sale and therefore limited availability, but it appears that they are a regular line on the website. They're so comfortable and practical and the style goes with pretty much everything. I enjoy the fact that they also have a nice sturdy tread on the bottom, so they're going to be perfect for my adventure to Bluestone Wales in a few weeks.

I'll be giving the pair a good test run in Liverpool this weekend, as I'm popping along to check out the Travelodge for a sneaky review. Apparently it's going to be a bit crazy in Liverpool this weekend with all the St Patricks day celebrations, so I'd better pack some dancing shoes and/or ear plugs as well I guess! I can't wait to have a little walk along the Albert Docks and grab a coffee in Central Perk. Liverpool is one of my favourite cities, I just need to ensure I don't drink too many cocktails in Django's Riff (Tokyo Ice Tea for me please.)

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  1. That bag is adorable, love the colour =]


    1. It's such a lovely shade. I couldn't resist it!

  2. Love that bag colour! Have you noticed how everyone has started wearing backpacks really low slung (if thats the right phrase?)? Hopefully you won't make yourself look too twattish with it ;)

    Chelsea x
    Love in Modern Life

    1. Haha was that a hint not to wear it too low?! Thankfully I wasn't going to!


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