Bluestone Wales and Tenby Beach

At the beginning of last week I was kindly invited by Bluestone Wales to stay at their cute little resort deep in the South West of Wales. Located in Pembrokeshire, Bluestone National Park is a UK family holiday destination, where you have the option of staying in a range of lodges and cottages to suit your needs. All of the accommodation is self catering, which means you can make the break pretty affordable and suit your family’s needs easily, without worrying about where to eat on your relaxing holiday away.
Taking us over 5 hours to drive to from Stoke on Trent, I’m not going to lie – It really put a dampener on my mood before we got there. Even though the maps and apps said it was about a 4 and a half hour drive, we had to stop for regular breaks and coffee to keep us going. I’ve never driving so far before and going down miles and miles of country lanes just completely took it out of me.
Once we were there though, I was impressed with the luxurious lodge we were booked in to. I signed up to the Bluestone Blogger Program not really knowing what to expect, but I wasn’t expecting such a large place to ourselves! I invited Victoria and Liam along with us too, as they had been before and could show us the ropes.

On the first day we were there, we all just relaxed after such a massive journey. Victoria cooked for me for the first time ever, which was a novelty and it actually turned out alright! The next day we went down to Tenby, which was a idyllic location about 20 minutes drive away from Bluestone Resort. Despite blue skies and a lovely view, the wind did have a chill, so we still had to wrap up warm. This didn’t detract from how nice the beach and town was though and it was a great spot which I can only imagine is even more lovely in the summer months. It reminded me a little bit of Portmeirion, which once again is at least 3 hours drive away for me in Stoke! Boo!

 Even though the drive was ridiculously long, the trip was really enjoyable. One thing I will say, is that I did feel that the food and facilities at Bluestone lacked a little bit. If you’re lucky enough to go, be sure to take plenty of money for the additional activities. There’s quite a lot you can do, but it can all work out very costly if you’re paying for more than one person and are stopping for the whole week! We did dine at the pub on the second night, and the food options were very limited and expensive for what they were. Saying that though, this is standard practise for a holiday resort I guess. It would have been nice for some simpler, cheaper options. We did have fun drinking a bit of Strongbow and listening to the live music though, so not all was bad! 
I would recommend going, but just plan your days out and activities wisely. Especially if you’re taking children with you. There’s lots to explore and it’s a great part of Wales to be in during warmer months, I’d definitely enjoy going back.