Casual Bank Holiday

I think this Easter bank holiday weekend has really gotten the best of me right now! I’ve managed to have 6(!) really unhealthy take away meals since Thursday, and went out to dance the night away with a lot of alcohol twice. Usually I have one ‘treat’ a week, the form of pizza Friday, and get drunk about twice a month! My body is certainly suffering today. I’m going to blame it all on feeling really crap because I’ve managed to block my ear and can’t hear a damn thing out of it. I’ve tried everything to clear it from Olive Oil to the spray the doctor has given me, but it seems that I’m destined to have partial hearing until I get them syringed on Friday, and I literally cannot wait. It’s the most frustrating thing in the world!
Today I’ve taken a day off LIFE and just visited my baby niece and went down to my Grandparents house to have a rummage in my hoarder Grandad’s hauls of retro swag. I managed to dig out a load of old keys, which I’m going to be using for an event I’m planning in Manchester soon (!!!) and also picked up these 50’s/60’s tins which I instagrammed here. If anyone has any idea how much these are worth or where I can sell them let me know!
I picked up these weird jogging bottom, come trousers, from TK Maxx over the weekend. I’ve been after some comfortable trousers, which actually fit me properly, that I can wear for work or in general life for ages. Of course, this seems like an impossible task when you have something specific in your head and you can never find what you want anywhere. Anyway, I stumbled upon these by chance and they were reduced to £9. They’re a really light material too, looking good with either heels or trainers, winner. The only thing I’m uncertain of is the length, they could do with being a few inches shorter, but that’s only because I’m so short.
 Trousers TK Maxx // Shoes Orla Kiely x Clarks // Bag Henry Holland

How’s your bank holiday weekend been?