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With a plethora of Monthly Subscription Boxes now available online, which all deliver a range of products directly to your door, it's hard to know which ones are the best to invest in. From the Look Fantastic Beauty Box, to monthly geeky gift box known as the Z Box, it seems every brand is jumping on the bandwagon! 

One thing I do appreciate when it comes to monthly boxes which come through your door, is when they actually fit through your door. I have all my parcels delivered to my parents house and I often feel a little bit guilty inside when my dad has to wait in for the postman for me to open the door and get my treats. With The Fragrance Shop Discovery Club box, they've now streamlined the box design to fit straight through the letter box - hurrah! No one needs to wait in, no one (me) needs to feel guilty. 

I didn't realise it, but apparently I'm quite the hoarder of perfume. From fresh and floral fragrances, to fruity scents and a few random ones in between for good measure; I have so many, many of which I forget about! Especially the 30ml ones as they seem to just get lost for a few months in my bag, or car, or under my bed. 

Discovery Club Perfume Sample Box

This is why the Discovery Club perfume box is perfect for me. It has a range of sample size scents to try every edition and the best part is that it's only £5 (plus p&p) per quarter. You always get a good selection of scents and they even include discount codes to get either £5 or £10 off when ordering the fragrances inside the box! Pretty good idea, huh?

My favourite one from this box is the Hugo Boss for women. It's a shame I did think the Versace Eros our femme was pretty gross really. It's been really hyped on social media and blogs since it's release, and to me it just smells like something my nan would wear. Don't get me wrong, my nan is pretty cool, but I really wouldn't want to smell like her. But I suppose it's just one that wasn't meant for me. 

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