Goth It Like It’s Hot

For the past few months I have been drawn to the ‘goth’ section in H&M like a moth to a flame. I don’t know what the official name for the section is, but in the Manchester store it’s a small section round the corner of the back of the Divided range, which houses the best selection of black clothing I’ve ever seen.
I bought this shirt dress not actually realising it was an irregular hem at the bottom. At first I was going to take it back, as when the shirt is fastened up it’s not all that flattering on my body shape. When it’s worn open though, over a plain black skater dress, I really love wearing it. It’s so floaty and makes me feel like I’m in American Horror Story: Coven. I can’t find it online, but this one is quite similar. I do think it’s a little bit of an odd garment, and I’ve not seen many other people wearing it, but it’s really good for a night out and day time wear too. Well, I’ve been wearing it on nights out and in the day anyway… 
The boots are from Primark and every time I wear them people ask where they were from. They are a little bit big because when I spotted them they only had a few left and they were size 6 instead of 5, but that’s nothing a pair of leopard print socks can’t fix. Because of the length of the shirt in comparison to my height, I do find I need some chunky heels when I wear it just to even the outfit out.

H&M Fashion Wishlist

Even though buying clothes from H&M online is the worst thing ever (seriously, once I waited about 3 months for  pair of £7 shoes) I did just spot this top on there and even though I despise slogan tops, I might just be tempted by it. I also bought the asymmetric jumper to the left of the image below the other week and it’s so comfortable. I wear it at least twice a week! I’m already compiling a little list of things I’m going to buy next time I head to Manchester, because Stoke is so behind the times we haven’t got a local H&M, the list definitely includes the grey cold shoulder dress and t shirt dress below.