Guest Post: Kitty Takes Over & Brags a Bit

It’s time for another guest post from my little feline friend, Kitty! In this post Kitty brags a little bit about her new toys and treats, including her very own personalised tag for her collar! And she will also be rolling around purring a lot, influenced by catnip, throughout. Over to you Kitty!

Meow! It’s been a while since I got my paws on Terri’s blog! I think the last thing I meowed about was my lovely Alessi Tigrito Cat Bowl, actually! I really do love that bowl and I always eat my favourite Felix cat food from it, yum. Considering I’m always purrrrrr-up at 5am every morning and wake Terri up at this time, she certainly treats me well, and I was happier than a mouse in a cheese factory that she shared this lovely parcel with me this week. Meow!
Not only did it contain this purrrrfect personalised tag with MY name on it (which is Kitty if you didn’t guess by now!) but it also contained loads of toys and treats which made me really happy! I’m an indoor cat, so my beautiful collar is for showing off purposes only really (or for if I try to escape again like I did when I saw this huuuuuuge bird fly by the window and I had to chase it! hehe). 
I really loveee catnip! prrrrmeow meow yum. It does make my brain a little zingy and embarrassingly I do dribble a little bit when I get excited over it, but it’s so worth it. I could sniff it all day!! But Terri takes it away from me after about 10 minutes because otherwise I get a little naughty and try and scratch! I don’t know why 🙁 because I do love it a lot. It just makes me a little bit loooopy in my tiny brainz.
I also loved my fishes on the stick from my little kitty haul. I keep chasing them around and biting their heads! CHOMP! I wasn’t too keen on the brush though. I only like to be brushed on my head when I’m in a good mood and this one is too clump and doesn’t feel nice on me. Which is a shame because I loveeee the colour! 
I’m a very lucky cat and even though I stay in the house all the time it’s ok because I have so many new exciting toys to play with all the time. Some people say I’m spoilt, but I’m not!! I’m just a little furry princess. 
Over and meowt!