Liverpool Adventuring with Travelodge

The other weekend I went to Liverpool to meet up with a bunch of work pals and also try out a Travelodge hotel in Liverpool for the night! Travelodge has always been that kind of budget hotel chain I never really think of looking at. I think this is because once I had one of their £29 room offers and we ended up in a room which was like something off a horror movie. Ok, that’s probably an exaggeration, but I distinctly remember holes in the walls which looked remarkably like gun shot holes!
Travelodge have come a long way over the past few years though and they’re currently refurbishing a bunch of hotels, to make them comfortable, affordable and convenient in one swoop. And the Liverpool Central Travelodge was just that. A really great location, with a super comfy bed and if you check out the prices online it turns out to be a bargain compared to some of the other city central hotel rivals. My only criticism is that when we stayed a group a 50 year old Welsh women came back at around 1am and were making such a terrible row in the corridor that we had to put the Eastenders Omnibus on extra loud to sleep. We couldn’t reach the reception from the room as there was no phone, and google only threw up the booking hotline?! It did make me wonder what the case is meant to be if there was a real emergency or y’know someone had a fight or started a fire – but fortunately this rowdy Welsh lot went to bed at around 3am after singing and pricking about outside our room for a bit!

When we woke up the next day, we grabbed a much needed coffee at Central Perk in Liverpool, which if you couldn’t tell is a Friends themed coffee shop. It used to be up near the Travelodge, but they’ve moved over town and you’ll now find them on the way up to China town on a street I do not know the name of. Now, the prices are pretty steep for a coffee shop I thought, as a latte sets you back around £2.50, but you are paying for the novelty of *that* cup I guess. And I’m a sucker for novelty.
We didn’t have time to do much sightseeing, and with Liverpool only being an hour away from Stoke, that wasn’t too much of a loss. It was nice to go casually for two days and see work mates outside of work for a change! We did go to the Cathedral, which was beautiful as ever, and then there was that burger at Death Row Diner which you can read about by clicking here.Unfortunately, as soon as we got there the battery on my camera died – hence the poor quality phone camera shots! Else I could have shown a few fancier things Liverpool has to offer. But overall, an enjoyable and relaxed trip for the weekend, which from Stoke is a really affordable little adventure.

death row diner liverpool
central perk liverpool

After Manchester, Liverpool is definitely my favourite city (apart from Stoke on Trent, of course) and one I always find myself drawn back to.

What’s your favourite city? Please don’t say Birmingham (sorry, Brummies!)