New Nike Kicks

pink nike blazers

Training shoes and sneakers are probably the only type of footwear I always feel a bit weird wearing. Because I already look so young, I’m quite cautious of what I wear them with, through feel of people thinking I am legitimately a child. Whilst this may be quite a good look to channel when trying to get in to the cinema for kids prices, it’s not something I really want to go for when I nip to the shop to buy a scratchcard. Seriously, this happened in the shop below the flat which I RENT MYSELF the other week and they asked for ID, what do they think I am? Freakin’ Richie Rich or something? Yeah maybe I’m a 15 year old who divorced their parents to live the dream with my cat, c’monnnnn!
Anyway, age discrimination aside….
I picked up not one, but two pairs of new Nike trainers this weekend. Whilst that would usually make me die a little inside, I just couldn’t resist the bargain bonanza prices!! Not only does the Nike Outlet at Freeport, Talke always have mega reductions on Nike stuff, this weekend they had a further 50% off the lowest marked price.
The leopard print Nike trainers cost me just £12.50! And who doesn’t love a lil’ bit of leopard in their lives? I think I’ll definitely get more wear out of these than my Nike Liberty Print trainers I got a few years ago, which are slightly too precious to wear. I also went back and picked up some pink Nike Blazers which usually RRP for around £70, but were reduced to £40 and then with the 50% off they only cost me £20. So really, I’ve paid £32.50 for two pairs of mega Nike trainers which is below the RRP for one pair alone. Bazinga!
The Nike store at Freeport is always pretty good if you’re after a sporty bargain, so worth popping up even if the 50% off offer has ended. They’re quite comment in most outlet villages and I know Cheshire Oaks has a Nike Outlet as well. I’m not sure about the rest of the UK though, sorry!

leopard print nikes
Have you picked up any good bargains lately?