Preloved Bloggers Event at Ziferblat, Manchester

So, for the last week or so over on Twitter you may have seen me banging on about a little event I organised as part of my job at Preloved.  For those who don’t know, Preloved is a classified advert site, where many a bargain can be picked up! My job by day on Preloved is coming up with exciting content for the blog and also fun stuff like organising events. I’ve only been with them since January, so this was my FIRST EVER blogger event which I’ve hosted! This blog post is a little picture heavy, so I do apologise in advance.
Of course, my experience going to events as a blogger really helped me to know what I wanted to do on the day. There’s nothing worse (for me) than sitting in a room watching someone put make up on someone for hours. In fact, some of the lovely Leeds ladies who came can probably echo this opinion here, as we have been at events together and not actually spoken properly because of the structure of the day! This is always such a shame for me, especially when travelling to different cities where you can meet bloggers who you don’t have the pleasure of seeing more regularly. My idea was to keep the ‘activity’ pretty simple, but have the layout so we could all chat and get to know eachother a bit more… And I think it worked?! Well, it did for me anyway! I had a great time meeting and chatting to all ten bloggers who came.
Having only ten spaces to play with did make invites for the event a little awkward, I must admit. I knew I wanted a small event, just to test the water and see if people were in to the idea, what I failed to realise is that organising a small number like this came with so many pros and cons! With so many bloggers I wanted to invite, it was really difficult to be selective and I hate that I had to be. I would hate for any blogger to feel that they weren’t ‘good enough’ for an invite or that I didn’t want them there! Because if I had my way EVERY blogger on Twitter would be in attendance haha. With only two weeks to sort the whole event from start to finish as well, I’m sure you can imagine the pressure I had to make sure everything went smoothly on the day. I started off with a group of bloggers to invite who I knew were from the area off the top of my head, I then took to Twitter and asked anyone interested to email me. This was just the easiest way to do it in the shortest amount of time, as my email window is always open and Twitter I close and forget to come back to. So if you tweeted me and feel that I ignored you I am SO SORRY. Also for any emails which didn’t arrive, the spam filters were in control. In light of this, I’m collecting all the names of people who wanted to come and putting them straight to the top of the next list! 
But anyway… The event….
On the day I knew I wanted to do something which was simple and something which people could take home with them too. Unlike most blogger events and websites, we don’t actually have any goods we can give away to bloggers as a thank you for coming, but thankfully Preloved is owned by the same company who own a PLETHORA of other websites. MyProtein and Look Fantastic both pitched in to help and we managed to bag our lovely bloggers a LF Beauty Box, nail varnishes and the coconut oil to make their coffee body scrub! As well as the coffee scrub, we also took advantage of my Grandad’s hoarding habit and I got my mitts on a load of old keys from his collection of…. well, just everything really. With the nail varnishes from Look Fantastic, the bloggers upcycled their own cute key and popped a little bit of ribbon on to make it in to a necklace. 
As we had two hours and the DIY’s were really simple, there was plenty of time for cupcakes, coffee and chatting in between. The relaxed atmosphere was exactly what I wanted and everyone seemed to have a really lovely time. So I hope!! I might be saying this and they’re all secretly whatsapping each other still disgruntled that I had a hangover and was slightly straaaange on the day haha.

I am just so pleased that everyone managed to come who confirmed they could! I know myself that sometimes before an event I just bail and don’t bother, so of course I was getting a little anxious beforehand! Although I KNEW all the bloggers invited were reliable and amazing and I JUST LOVE THEM ALL!! I was so excited to finally meet Heather and Halima who I have stalked online for like, YEARS now, serious fan girl moments were had. I also got to meet Stephi, my fellow Leeds Fest fan and Amy who managed to be able to make it last minute!
Of course, no Manchester event is complete without the effervescent bundle of joy which is Chyaz and her magnificent hair and it was great to see some Twitter favourites like AnnaKelSimoneJess and Sammie! Phew! 
Thank you all so much for coming!!!! 
For those wondering as well – I chose to have the event on a Saturday afternoon at 3pm until 5pm. This again is from experience of going to other events in cities I don’t frequent very often. It’s so frustrating when you go somewhere and want to explore but the time of the event is really awkward, so I made sure it was late on enough for people to browse around time and early enough for trains back and not to waste their evening. I always get so frustrated when events are on week day evenings as I can never make them after work, boooo.
As for the venue, we couldn’t of asked for a better space. For those not familiar with Ziferblat in Manchester, it’s a really awesome concept. You simply pay for the time you spend in there and everything else is free. You can treat yourself to the coffee machine, cereal, cakes and internet connection. It just costs you 5p per minute! Such a great idea! The main room has a really upcycled, eco friendly, vintage vibe is was perfect for an event for Preloved. We hired a room which was just off the side from the main area so we didn’t disturb any of the regulars with our crafting activities. If you’re ever in Manchester and fancy a quick coffee, this place is great and the atmosphere is really nice. There’s also board games and chess dotted around to keep you entertained.

So, that’s a wrap! My first go at hosting a blogger event!

What would you like to see at the next Preloved event?? As always, we’re open to suggestions and love feedback. Even negative is constructive, so don’t be shy!